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Maiden Javier

on 21 February 2014

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Most common mistakes in dealing with the public
1. Making snap judgments
2. Playing favorites
3. Being moody
4. Gossiping
1. Greeting Visitors
2. Making introductions
• Be aware of the following situations where gender, age and sometimes rank, rather than strict business position, apply:
Techniques & traits that receptionist must develop in order to deal effectively with the public
1. Patience
2. Technique of listening
3. Consideration
4. Graciousness
• Developing a positive rapport with the office visitor will defend on the office worker’s personality, maturity & knowledge of business etiquette.
3. Screening Visitors
• Make sure that only the people who need to be seen are seen by your employer/boss.

• Learn your boss’ preferences for seeing visitors by asking for guidelines.
5. Announcing Visitors
4. Turning down visitors

6. Handling delays
7. Interrupting a conference
• An unnoticeable way to handle an interruption is to type the message on a slip of paper and take it into the office, usually without knocking. Wait for the answer.
• Keep interruption to a minimum.
8. Handling difficult visitors
9. Keeping appointment
10. Concluding Visits
• Before a visitor arrives you & your employer may work out a tactful method for concluding a visit.
• If the appointment is unnecessarily long, call or give a note to your employer.

REMEMBER : If one of your responsibilities is to greet all visitors, then you must be near your desk at all times. When you must leave your work area, you should arrange to have someone nearby watch for and greet visitors. If no one is available to cover for you, you should tell your supervisor that the desk will be unattended for a while. Your supervisor will know to watch for the visitor’s arrival.
• No matter how busy your boss is, they will see family members and close friends.
Problem Situation
Your Action
a. When visitor cannot see the person he wants to see
• You must explain carefully why your boss is not available.
• You might say, “May I schedule an appointment for you, Mr. Cruz has a deadline to meet and asked that he should not be disturbed today.”
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