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Industry Leaders in Cosmetology - Paul Mitchell

No description

Stephanie Kinsey

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Industry Leaders in Cosmetology - Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell
Quick Facts:
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Paul Mitchell &
other person
Sold in nearly 100,000 U.S. salons
1st professional beauty company to go against animal testing.
Paul Mitchell:
Personal Life:
Born in Scotland in 1936.
Underwent silver smith training as a young teen before following in his mom's footsteps and becoming a hairdresser.
Enrolled in a hairdressing school at 16 and had won many hairdressing competitions by the time he was 18.
Gained popularity in New York City.
Given the chance to work with Vidal Sassoon.
Started John Paul Mitchell Systems in 1980.
Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 51 years old.
Died in Los Angeles, CA at age 53, only 8 years after starting his company.
Now sells a line of hair products and hair styling tools that can be bought in over 85 countries.
John Paul Mitchell Systems
Paul Mitchell:
Founded by John Paul DeJoria (a former Redken employee) and Paul Mitchell in 1980.
Net income =
$59.3 Million
Only had $700 when they put out a hair care system with three products.
Paul Mitchell
Company runs over 100 cosmetology schools across the United States.
angus or paul's effect/legacy

American billionaire businessman and philanthropist.
Co-founded the Paul Mitchell line and Patrón Spirits.
Lived in a foster home at around 10 years old.
Was a member of a street gang, but later changed his ways and spent two years in the United States Navy.
Later he took on a wide variety of jobs, ranging from a janitor to an insurance salesman.

Has been an executive producer, actor, and narrator in the film & commercial industries.
John Paul DeJoria
Personal Life:
Paul Mitchell
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