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Cataloger Interview 2

Use the Google search box to find exactly what you're looking for, including answers to math problems and the current weather.

Eddie Clem

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cataloger Interview 2

Catalog Division by Eddie Clem carclem@umail.iu.edu The Library The Indiana State Library cotains six main divisions. They are also the regional depository for the
Goverment Printing Office. Genealogy Manuscripts and Rare Books General Indiana State Data Center Catalog Division Cataloging Process Amanda Piegza
Head, Catalog Dept. If GPO records weren't supplied, 60%--exact figure varies. The Library is a member of OCLC. Origianl Cataloging 5 FTE Of the 5 FTE, 3 have their MLS The Library currently uses SIRSI, but by the end of April, will join the Indiana Evergreen consortium, migrating ca. 1.2 million records. ILS Search ILS: If record found, add holding. CATALOGER: PROCESSOR:
Processor (paraprofessional) will double check record.

Processor will add holding in OCLC & in SIRSI.

Add tattle tape, labels, ownership stamp.

Books are returned to selector, usually a department or divisional head. Department heads again check for any errors.

Department heads give materials to pages to shelve.

The stacks are CLOSED STACKS and are situated in the core of the building. Stacks http://www.in.gov/library Learn lots more about the Indiana State Library at: eddieclem.wordpress.com INDIANA STATE LIBRARY Reference & Goverment Services This will make the State Library the
largest member library of the consortium. Search OCLC If record found, make local edits & download to ILS. If no record found, perform
original cataloging within OCLC.
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