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Media Theory Presentation:Stereotypes

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Vera Hugenroth

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of Media Theory Presentation:Stereotypes

Media Theory Presentation:
Stereotypes Anton, Maxime, Gabriela, Anna-Lena & Vera Stereotypes are well known generalized ideas of groups of people. What is a Stereotype? Anton: from Ukraine/Israel

Gabriela: from Brazil

Maxime: from Netherlands

Anna Lena & Vera: from Germany
Do you know us? Do you think stereotypes in the media are offensive?

Stereotypes in movies The media often uses and misrepresents stereotypes:

accepted by people among society

young children perceive it as humorous; they apply this knowledge towards those they meet in real-life

Viewers believe it, but hold little or no knowledge about that particular group

usually misrepresented and accepted as the truth

regulary viewers do not recognize the biased content

Media grabs the interests of their audience through comedy, drama, and action -> viewers disregard the immorality

the effectiveness contributes to the popularity of TVshows. Stereotypes in the media advertising TV-shows movies Hollywood:
still out of ideas? How about another
"black-guy-meets-white-guy" comedy? The majority of people hate movie stereotypes but are just too stupid to recognize them. TV shows such as the Simpsons are packed with stereotypes:
The Simpsons contains a large number of audience that watch the show daily as it is broadcasted during prime time.
Characters such as Apu are highly discriminated and stereotyped.
On this show Apu is characterized as an Indian immigrant, who prays to Ganesh, and holds a highly noticeable and dissimilar accent. Thanks for listening! Questions? Stereotypes in propaganda are
not always negative motivation to learn
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