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02.03 Cell Structure & Function Assignment

No description

Jasmine Smith

on 19 July 2015

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Transcript of 02.03 Cell Structure & Function Assignment

02.03 Cell Structure & Function Assignment
Hi, my name is Blood Nucleus.
I am your tour guide for the day.
Please sit back and enjoy your
journey through the plant cell.
If your planning of
joining our "Plant Cell".
One thing you need to
know is that everybody
here is working
constantly, so if your
ready to start working
this is the place for you!
This is James, also known as the Cell Membrane.
(a very large organelle if you ask me)
He is one of the organelles that surrounds and protects the cell.
This is pluto we also known as Cytoplasm. He is a thick fluid that surrounds all of us, the organelles
These girls right here are: Sonya, Destinee, Jade & Liz, but we call them the Cytoskeleton's. They give the cell shape they also anchor us the organelles in place, and give us direct movements.
Cell Membrane
This is Endoplasmic Reticulum, but we call him Edgar.
He is a HUGE maze of membranes, he is soo long that he is divided in two different sections the structure and function.
Its like we have two Edgar's!
As you can see we all have nicknames or are called by our last names-maybe you will get one too!
This is Rough ER, but we call her Mimi, (she's kind of bipolar -unlike her twin sister- so please DO NOT push her buttons.) We all think that she is bipolar because of her appearance which is due to all the ribosomes in her surface.
This is Lee but we call him Ribosomes.
His providing protein synthesis within a cell,
but they are also the smallest organelles in the cell!
This my friends is Smooth ER but "I" like to call her Shirin.Her jobs are many starting with: the construction of lipids, deconstruction of carbohydrates, and the detoxification of substances that can otherwise be harmful to the cell. (Isn't she just lovely?)
This is Gary, but I call him Golgi Apparatus (his real name! -why does he have to work so close to Shirin?
I should be where he is-) his job is to transport vesicles, carrying proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum. (His job is NOT a big deal)
This is Vacuoles, but we call her Vivian. She has two kids: Food Vacuoles and Water Vacuoles.
Food Vacuoles-he stores food and nutrients.
Water Vacuoles- Stores water and molecules.
This is Carlos Chloroplasts, his job is to convert energy from the sunlight to make glucose ( again only plant cells have them- 'cause we are cool like that.)
Last but not least this is Blood Nucleus
(he is very smart and way more awesome than Golgi Apparatus -aka Gary- )
He contains the cell's DNA and some proteins in the chromosomes.
If you didn't notice this great organelle AND tour guide is... ME! ME!
Hope you enjoyed our tour, please do come back soon!

- Blood Nucleus

This is Mitochondria, but she doesn't like her name so we call her lily. Her job is cellular respiration, a process that uses molecules such as glucose to release forms of energy.
This is Grant, but his real name is Cell Wall. His job is providing, an extra layer of protection. (Only us the plant cells have guys like Grant)
Our Plant Cell Journey
Comes To An End Here

By: Jasmine Smith
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