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Membership Experience

No description

Jordan Bradford

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Membership Experience

Improvements Current GCN Member-Centric Activities Types of Membership An organization has a member-centric culture when it makes an ongoing commitment to ensure the satisfaction and improvement for all current and future members.

"Membership is the sum of each component of the association and its related offerings and benefits, working together to create the connection or sense of belonging to or being part of such a group." Member-Centric
Culture GCN has been a membership organization since its founding. Membership Updates February 2013 Staff Meeting Georgia Center
for Nonprofits Consistently exhibit best practices across departments
Ask if they're a member
Be more informed of other events and information in other departments
Move from "no-ing" our members to "knowing" them
Recognize and praise members more
Stronger collaboration between departments
Data Collaboration between departments
Member-focused programs and services
Act on feedback (surveys)
Member check-ins and visits
Recognition of members
Follow-up Organizational: 501 (c) 3 registered Nonprofits
Dues range from $125-$950 based on total expenses as reported to the IRS
Associate: Individuals not affiliated with a Nonprofit
Dues are $300
Business: For-profits
Dues are $500, $950, $1,450
Student: Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate program
Dues are $50 Membership Value Consulting Nonprofit University Opportunity Knocks Development MarCom Advocacy
Capacity Extension
Network Expansion
Increased Knowledge
Skill Development (NU)
Connect with Nonprofit Talent (OK)
Stay Current and Informed (MarCom)
Savings on Goods and Services (Marketplace) Discussion The Coast VISTAs Best Practices Collaborating between departments in order to develop and promote the value of membership
Being informed of other department info
All staff knowing membership benefits
Ask if they're a member
Understanding members' needs
Increasing communication
Utilizing surveys
Accurate data collection
Good Customer Service
Avoiding the word "no"
Timely responsiveness
Recognizing and praising members Department Input Focusing on OUR Members Membership Won a major strategic restructuring project to explore development of a collaboration/partnership, an important area for GCN Consulting to gain experience
New guided search (confidential) secured by Mary with cultivation by Neil working as a trusted partner over many years
Sending out approximately 200 NOW to GCN Consulting not already receiving with three articles contributed by GCN Consulting, Blueprint, Succession and Boards & Fundraising
Supporting evaluation of our Healthcare Georgia Foundation Capacity Building Partnership by PHD evaluator Ann Price and Community Evaluation Solutions Bank of America event on Wednesday
371 people registered
Special VIP book signing
Member Day on March 15
In the process of planning learning and networking events in metro Atlanta counties
Possible Expert Series event (Taking Measures) in Columbus this spring OK Online Training: Social Media for Nonprofits February 19, 2013

New website promotion

Wage & Benefits Report data collection

Best Nonprofit to Work For GA Gives Day Debriefed major partners and discussed the development of GA Gives Day 2013
Registration for 2013 is open!
Picking a date for the 24-hour giving day
Improving GA Gives Day website
Building Nonprofit Toolkits to help organizations use GA Gives Day now and plan for 2013 day
Targeting new areas/organizations to build awareness and participation
Revolutions Awards for Summit Busy January
16 sessions
1 Certificate Program Started (NPO)
2 Custom Programs (Home Depot & Easter Seals S. Ga.) – 5 total sessions
300+ seats filled
Avg. 20 per session
What's Happening in February
CEO Peerspectives Workshop 3 – February 19th
Start of Certificate of Advanced Nonprofit Fundraising – February 21st
NPLI in Macon – February 22nd
Certificate of Nonprofit Mgt. & Leadership – February 28th
Adobe Connect product is in hand to help support improved webinar deliver and video editing Kicked off the Corporate Sustainers Campaign this week with the first committee meeting which was very successful. We have also confirmed Joe Sibilia as the speaker for the Corporate Community Breakfast on March 28th at the Ansley Golf Club.
Working in partnership with the Membership Team to make final preparations for the Bank of America Pulse Check event this Wednesday, February 6. Please see Jeff or Taylor for more details if you plan to attend.
Preparing for the second event in Building Community Network on Tuesday, February 12 at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta. Please shoot a quick email to Jeff if you plan to attend.
The Home Depot Foundation is adding a new component to Building Community Network this year – the Team Depot service project.
Making a final push to increase funder participation on the coast for the Nonprofit Momentum Summit on February 21st.
Fielding calls and prospecting potential sponsors and exhibitors for the 2013 Nonprofit Summit.
Submitted proposals in support of Nonprofit University to UPS and Wells Fargo. Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit, Summit
Last week the Coast had our final class of training before our Momentum Summit, which is only 20 days away in February! Karen and Betsy were in attendance, and the class was an outstanding SUCCESS with 52 nonprofits preparing for the Summit!
Preparations for continued training after the Coast’s Summit is in the final planning stages. This includes the graduation for our participating Core Nonprofits and 4 more Community classes. On January 21st, in honor of the MLK Day of Service, the VISTA team members volunteered at 24/7 Gateway Center, painting rooms, washing sleeping mats, rolling toilet paper, and cleaning windows.
The MLK Winter Wear Clothing Drive was a huge success
Donated to 4 shelters: Jerusalem House, Atlanta Mission: The Shepherd’s Inn, Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children, and 24/7 Gateway Center
With the help of the Equitable Building, GCN, and VISTA donated items, we managed to collect a total of 1,065 items!!!!!!
A special thank you to all of the dedicated VISTA members who went above and beyond the call of duty to help out with the logistics and with delivering the items to the shelters. Work continues on new Gcn.org
Membersuite training
Marketo Training
Content loading
NU content editing
Database management:
List purging
List enhancement
Targeted marketing to high profile groups
Promotion launches this week
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