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Chapter 21 Section 3

Changing Attitudes and Value

R Kay

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 21 Section 3

Changing Attitudes and Values
Chapter 21 Section 3
New Social Order Arises
Three Social Classes
Middle-Class Tastes and Values
The Ideal Home
Industrial Revolution's impact on social classes
The Social Classes
Middle Class
Upper Middle Class
People with good income to have an ideal home
Lower Middle Class
People who barely broke out of the lowest class
Upper Class
People with large amount of land
Lower Class
People who could barely make a living
Middle Class Develops their own style of life

Develops strict code and rules that make up the social behavior
Dress codes
How to mourn
People assumed that middle class people had:
Maid or servant
Ideal home
Children with education
Children were to be seen but not heard
Husband's Job
Husbands went to work and were the main source of the family income

Wife's Job
Cult of Domesticity-wife would watch the kids, direct and help around the house
There were to be known as
Care givers
Doing charitable service

Growth of Public Education
Public Education
Teachers had little or no education teaching children
Not all children were getting educated

Education Improves in 1800s
Further education
Limitation to Education
Lower middle class could not send children to school because of money
Girls were being educated in housing

Higher Education Expands
Colleges and universities expanded
More complex curriculum were emphasized

Women's Education
Women sought greater educational opportunities
Colleges opened for women
Bedford College in England
Mount Holyoke in United States

Roles of individuals in an ideal home
Why did the ideas of Charles Darwin cause such controversy?
Learning Target Question
Science Takes New Directions
Science Takes New Direction
The Atomic Theory Develops
Debates about the Earth's age started
Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection
Social Darwinism and Racism
Developed by English Quaker John Dalton
Showed that each element possessed its own type of atoms
Showed different kinds of atoms combine to make all chemical substances
Development of Atomic Theory
Charles Lyell wrote Principle of Geology
Offered evidence of the an earth that had existed for around 2 billion years
Later archaeological finds proved this theory wrong

Debating Earth’s Age
A theory developed by British Naturalist Charles Darwin
Natural Selection-Species that survive and reproduce is sole ancestor to coming generations

Natural Selection
Natural selection believed that progression of species was based on adaptation
The world chooses advancement and should be left to do

These thoughts Social Darwinism encouraged acceptance of current social class
This encouraged Racism

Social Darwinism and Racism
Many protestant churches at the time pushed for Social Gospel, a movement that urged Christians to social service

Religion in an Urban Age
The Women Protest
Early Voices
Before 1850, women from middle class organized campaign for abolition of slavery
Suffrage Struggle
Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 demanded women's suffrage
Women's suffrage-women's right to vote
Women wanted control of their own property
Struggled for political powers
Women Work for Rights
They protested for:
Voting Rights
Fairness in marriage and divorce
Property law
Also supported Temperance movement- campaign to limit or ban the use of alcoholic beverages

Elizabeth Candy Stanton
Susan B. Anthony
Crusaded against slavery before organizing a movement for women's rights
Julia Brainerd Hall
Julia Hall worked with her brother on an aluminum-producing process but her brother almost got all the credit
African American suffragist
Spoke against the belief that restricting women's right was protecting them
Sojourner Truth
"Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud puddles or gives me any best place! And ain't I a women?"-Sojourner Truth
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