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Angela Altazan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Dilan&

Dilan&Makayla: Speed Riding
All about Speed Riding
Speed riding is a sport that originated in France and is very dangerous. While Speed Riding, you jump out of a plane or off of a mountain cliff with skis. Then you ski down the mountain avoiding obstacles by jumping up and catching air in your chute before landing and skiing down the mountain again.
Over 25 participants have suffered fatal injuries and more have been injured. Injury and death are serious risks and must be thought about carefully before engaging in the sport.
speed riding can cost anywhere from five to twenty-five thousand dollars just for the gear. The cost of the skis , para glider, and glider wing are very expensive altogether and separately.
A helmet must be worn and it must be ridden on a downhill ski run. you must have the right gear to participate in this sport or your not allowed to speed ride.
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