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Damien Hirst Presentation

No description

Nina Machin

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Damien Hirst Presentation

. born on the 7th June 1965 in BRISTOL and then went on to grow up in LEEDS Death Denied, 2008 Away from the flock, 1994 Mother and Child, 2007 The prodigal Son, 1994 The Virgin Mother, 2005 A Thousand Years, 1990 For the
Love of God, 2007 New York, 1989 I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds, 2006 Ever Present Spiritual Guidance, 2003 Crematorium, 1996 This art work is made of thousands of butterflies. This one also used numerous butterflies He explained his works which used formaldehyde that
“It’s not a ‘preserved’ lamb, it’s a dead lamb.
But then it does have a kind of new life.” A decaying cow’s head is presented beneath the fly-killer. This work is platinum skull set with diamonds
and it is worth 100 million dollars. Hirst has a very distinct style of art. Although most of his outcomes are 3D it's not just the visual elements of his work that inspire me. His work influences mine in the thought process aspect. When thinking of what he will design Hirst seems to have no boundaries or limitation which is has influenced my way of working in not limiting myself or underestimating the possibilities. Hirst makes artwork of/out of things that you wouldn't ever really take a second look at unless they were put in the way Hirst puts them. He uses a very clever, simple technique that hadn't been thought of until he came along. Although he really only does perhaps reserve a sheep or cow, way to the extent of encrusting a skull with diamonds, all of Hirst's work makes the objects suddenly appeal to the viewer much more because of this. This is something that has influenced me and I hope I will one day be able to pick up. English artist, entrepreneur and art collector.
He is the most prominent member of the Young British Artists
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