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How To Incorporate Sports and Accomplishments into a Resume

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Ally Pancake

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of How To Incorporate Sports and Accomplishments into a Resume

How To Incorporate Sports and Accomplishments into a Resume and Job Interview
How to Incorporate Athletics into your Resume
How to Incorporate Achievements into a Resume
Be sure to include ANY honors or achievements you have received, this will allow you to stand out above other applicants
How to Incorporate Sports into a Job Interview
What do you think are helpful tips for athletes?

How to Incorporate Achievements into a Job Interview
Specifically title a section "Intercollegiate Athletics"
You will include: sport, years played, time devoted to training, and athletic honors/awards

Recruiters will give a higher overall evaluation of candidates who have participated in a collective sport and who have held a leadership position

Sell Yourself:
a. Keep it short and sweet
b. Be humble about your accomplishments/honors
Focus on Primary Accomplishments
a. Relate accomplishments to specific job

How you achieved these accomplishments
a. Companies want to hear the success story
b. Companies want to hear strategies
Explain the atmosphere
a. Explain the culture you were in
b. Companies want to hear how well you work in various environments
Remember the Interviewer does not have a similar background as you.

When it is appropriate to incorporate sports into an interview.
A few examples of how and when it is appropriate to incorporate sports
What is your greatest weakness?
Always relate your answer back to the working world.
What can you bring to our team?
When talking about sports, remember teamwork is key.

Any questions?
Athletics on a Resume
Accomplishments on a Resume
Athletics in an Interview
Accomplishments in an Interview
Where to highlight your athletic participation
Use action words to describe the skills you have gained from participating in college athletics
Skills such as teamwork, leadership skills, time management, communication, and commitment
Revealing Skills Gained


The University of Alabama Women's Soccer Team, NCAA Division 1, Aug. 2002 - present
• Devoted 20+ hours of intense training while carrying a full course load
• Team Captain: 2005 – present
• Learn to put team goals first while improving personal performance
• Developed leadership skills essential for success on and off the field

Emphasize any leadership positions you have held, awards you have received, recognitions you have been given
Keep it relevant, avoid going too far back unless necessary. Make sure everything 'checks out,' don't have excellent time management as a strength, with spending too much time with friends as a weakness.
Keep it short, Save stuff for the interview!
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