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Cordillera vocal and instrumental music

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Louis Luyun

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Cordillera vocal and instrumental music

It is performed in leader/chorus style in which the reciter, often an elderly woman, occupies a key position in society. It is full of repetitions, synonyms, figurative terms and metaphors.
Instruments used in making songs in Cordillera:
Bamboo Stamping Tubes (Tongatong)
Bamboo Pipes in a Row (Saggeypo)
Bamboo Buzzers (Bungkaka)
Bamboo Jew’s Harp (Kubing)
Gongs (Gangsa Topayya and Palook)
Bamboo Stamping Tubes (Tongatong)
Bamboo stamping tubes are banged on the ground to produce surprisingly clear resonant pitched notes which are delightful to listen to. They are made from giant diameter bamboo,the ones in the above picture are up to a meter in length-so the tones sound low and woody.Different length tubes produce different notes so a set can be distributed round a group of people to play together like handbells.Any tunings can be specified. They are very easy to play, and are therefore ideal for children or people with learning difficulties.
What is Hudhud?
Hudhud (Chanted Epic Poetry) is a chant of the Ifugao people, which is recited during the sowing and harvesting of rice, funeral wakes, and other rituals. Thought to have originated before the seventh century, it is comprised of 40 episodes and often takes three or four days to recite.
Cordillera vocal and instrumental music
Like in other parts of the Philippines, different kinds of music are made to honor their god/goddess. Others are made for lucks or for celebrating a special event.
Types of music found in Cordillera:
Vocal Music:
Some of the music came from these parts of Cordillera:
Chanted Poetry,
Songs (children’s songs, lullaby, spirit songs, narrative legends), Dances

Social Functions:
Music for Worship and Rituals,
Work (Planting),
Sleep, Courtship

Bamboo Pipes in a Row (Saggeypo)
Bamboo Buzzers (Bungkaka)
A percussion instrument (idiophone) made out of bamboo common in numerous indigenous tribes around the Philippines such as the Ifugao, Kalinga, and Ibaloi.
Bamboo Jew’s Harp (Kubing)
Made of bamboo; Made of bamboo; the instrument is held horizontally with the bamboo tongue in front of the opened mouth. The left end is hit by the thumb of the right hand. This makes the bamboo tongue vibrate which causes a sound.
The mouth serves as a resonator and by changing the shape and size of the mouth opening, the overtones can be changed, thus creating a melody. By strongly breathing in or out the volume can be changed as well.
Patteteg (Bamboo Leg Xylophones)
Short Xylophones - Leg Height, used in performing traditional songs and dances.
Gongs (Gangsa Topayya and Palook)
Handmade instruments used in performing Rituals.
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