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Room One

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Avengers

Who are the Avengers? What is the Avenger film? Who created the avengers? Who are the Avengers main enemies? BY JESSE THE HULK Hawkeye (Master Archer) The Hulk is a man called Bruce Banner. He is a scientist and was exposed to Gamma radiation Because of this, when he gets angry he turns in to The Hulk. He becomes a really big raging green monster with super strength. He is almost invincible. Black widow Natasha Romanoff is a highly trained
spy who works for SHIELD. She is the
only girl in the Avengers Team. Clint Barton is Hawkeye. He is a master
archer. And he works as an agent for SHEILD. Nick Fury is the directer of SHEILD . He pulls
together the Avengers in to a team to hlep
save the Earth from Loki and the Chituari army. SHEILD means: Strategic Hazard Intervention,
Espionage and Logistics Diretorate. The Avengers movie is based on the superhero characters from the Marvel Comics. The Avengers moive was written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and made by Marvel Studios. The director was Joss Whendon and produced by Kevin Feige. The Avengers is a superhero movie, it came out in April 2012. The story is about Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D bringing together a team of superheros to form the Avengers. The team is needed to help save Earth from Loki who wants to take over earth and rule it. Loki is trying to take over Earth with the help of an alien army called chitauri. Loki stole a powerful energy source called the tesseract from Earth to give to the other. Who is the leader of the chitauri army. In exechange they would help him take over Earth. This is the Chituari army. Iron Man is Tony Stark. He is a billionaire and invented a mechanical suit of armor made of iron. Iron Man can fly using boot jets, he can shoot energy from his gloves called repulser blasts. Thor is the Norse God of thunder. He is increabibly strong and it is difficult to hurt him. He has a belt of strengthand a mysterical hammer. THOR Captain America is Steve Rogers, a World War II veteran. The army did experiments on his body to make him very physically strong. He wears a suit in the colours of the American flag and carries a shield with a bulls eye on it. He is a very good fighter. Captain America This is Tony stark. This is Bruce Banner Bruce Banner This is Steve Rogers The Avengers main enemy is Loki. Loki is Thor 's adoptive brother and arch nemesis. This is Joss Whedon This is Jack Kirby This is Stan Lee This is Kevin Feige The budget to make the movie was: 220 Million dollars. The Avengers movie was the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. The Box office sales were $1,511,757,910. The movie took 143min 2hr and 23min. Here is a list of the 7 highest grossingmovies of all time 1) Avatar
2) Titanic
3) Avengers
4) Harry potter #2
5) Transformers : Dark of the moon
6) Lord of the rings : return of the king
7) Bat man :the dark night rises Here are the filming locationsof the avengers, within the United States, they went to New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. They also went to Stuttgart in Germany. The World Premiere was on on April 11th 2010. It was held at The El Capitian Theatre, in Hollywood,California in the United States.
These men also helped produce these other films... This is the Avengers cast Here is the Tesseract power source that Loki stole. Iron man's main enemy is Whiplash. Captain Americas main enemy is Red Skull. Hulks main enemy is the U.S.A army. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY SWEET PREZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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