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Anne of Green Gables by EJK

No description

Emma Knutson

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Anne of Green Gables by EJK

Anne of Green Gables
I'm going to tell you
about the characters in
Anne of Green Gables
Anne Shirly is a short tempered,
talkative, sprightly young
girl with a lot of imagination

next is...

Gilbert Blyth is a boy with as much
spunk as Anne has but uses it
to woo the girls.
Anne has a lot of spunk and tries to
use it on the Cuthberts. It works on
Matthew, but not much on Marilla.

Gilbert likes to tease and he does it
a lot, which gets him in trouble with Anne
now is
Marilla Cuthbert is a stubborn old lady who isn't
quite sure if she wants to keep Anne
Marilla is one of the Cuthberts. She and her brother, Matthew, live together. When they got Anne she didn't really like her, but as time went on she found out she loved her
next is

Matthew Cuthbert is a shy old man who is basically scared of girls. He loved Anne with all of
his heart from the very beginning
Diana Barry is Anne's best friend. She would
do anything for Anne. She gets married to
Fred but even being a mother and a wife
she still has time for her best friend

Rachel Lynd is an old lady who prides her
self in speaking her mind. She's not always
treated as she would like
thanks for watching!
Anne Shirly
Gilbert Blyth
Marilla Cuthbert
Matthew Cuthbert
Diana Barry
Rachel Lynd
a EJK production
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