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Thesis Presentation

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Kevin Deras

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Thesis Presentation

Thesis Presintation
Kevin Deras Thesis
The complicated issue of immigration has been thoroughly analyzed by activists, politicians, and the American Citizen. However, while theses groups are all advocating change their reliance on cold facts misses the human aspect that must be considered for authentic change to occur.

Crossing the boarder
What the people think In Reality it is more dangerous. People have suffocated in airless trucks, died in vehicle crashes, or drowned. Most often, though, they are felled by heatstroke or dehydration.
That many immigrants would do anything to get here to the United Sates "More than two thousand people had died along the Mexican border. Death by sunlight, hyperthermia, was the main culprit. But illegal’s drowned, froze, committed suicide, were murdered, were hit by trains and trucks, were bitten by rattlesnakes, had heart attacks” (Urrea 19). Many children come to the U.S to reunite with thier family. Coyotes Thie are good coyotes and there are bad. Some help the immigrants cross the boarder while others dont, instead they leave to die. The border seperates families from being together. Becasue of this kids try to cross boarders and many of them end up dying. Why they come here. work education dictatorship to reunite with family “The people were killing themselves working the ranchos on the outskirts. The fishermen couldn’t catch enough protein in the sea. The cane cutters couldn’t cut enough cane…” (Urrea 44). Many people come to the U.S because of the poverty in thier country. They want to have money so they can support thier family. Parents want thier children to have a better future.
Some schools help the latinos by making a club where latinos work together to get a better future. Some family flee thier countries because of dictatorship. Conditons many family are seperated from each other. They try to cross the border to reunite with them so they can be a family again. One condition that they have is thier education.
Many come here and they can't speak english very well. many Latino teenagers drop out of school for many reaons. Some belive that they wont get far in life by the way they are treated here Rodriguez says "I recalled when I first entered school in Watts, how I had been virtually written off, pushed into a corner with building blocks and treated like a pariah; how in Garvey I had been heaved out of classes and, later in high school, forced to drop out and labeled a failure! Now I was somebody they couldn’t dismiss- somebody who had to be heard" (218).
Another condition is getting a job. An immigrant will take whatever job they can find even if it is the most dangerous. Some even die working. The employees realy dont care what happens to them and they pay them really low. For illegal immigrants, it's about finding any work to feed, clothe and shelter their families. For employers, it's about profits Last but not least is there living conditions. They will live in any place they can afford. Even if its a bad neighborhood, if they cant afford a place to live then they would live on the streets or in the woods. Hispanics are treated without respect and are looked down on. Many people think that they are all bad because the see some hipanics behave bad so it makes them all bad. They are called names and always telling them to go back to thier own country. "‘I don’t mind paying for my mistakes,’ I added. ‘But it seems like we’re paying for everyone else’s mistakes, too. Sometimes we pay even when there’s been no mistake. Just for being who we are, you know what I mean? Just for being Mexican. That’s all the wrong I have to do'"(144). How the author connects with thier white audience. Many of them connect with thier audience with thier style of writing Other authors connect with them with the title of the book. Conclusion many people belive the facts they say about Hispanic when in reality they are missing the true asspect of the Hispanic life.
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