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marKhun Gabot

on 13 December 2013

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Chapter 1 : The Problem & Its Background
This study can be beneficial to different people in many ways:
Requirement Gathering and Analysis.
This is the primary phase where the researchers gather information and analysis. We gathered the needed programming languages to be used in creating this project. We also interviewed one of the owners of the company Mr. Eric Orilla to know about the company’s requirements in developing their payment system. The owner provided us information and we analyzed all the information given to us by the owner to help us develop their payment system and the overall existing website of the company.
This phase the complete online system is tested to check if all menus/buttons coordinate with each other and the system as a whole behaves as required in the specifications.
Chapter 2 : Methodology
This chapter presents the project design, project development, operation and testing procedure as well as the evaluation procedure.
Procedure regarding the operation and testing of the project should be enumerated and arranged to ensure the project’s consistency with the specified requirements and features. The following procedures are to be observed for the operation and testing:
Table 1.
Likert Scale as applied in this study
Table 1 shows the Likert’s Scale which includes description that will be used to interpret the overall mean obtained through the instrument.
Background of the Study
Online payment is one of the systems using the PayPal transaction. It is the modern tool for improving easiest and fastest ways to pay bills customer-business communication that provides a good connection between company and client. The client and the company will have the safety of their transaction in sending their money through online.
This Information is necessary to begin an affective Online Ordering and Reservation System Program .The purpose of this paper is to guide rather than an instruction manual. The Company and the management must meet good feedback from the customers to achieved.
It is not only expectations that employees the right to receive good feedback to the costumer referring to online reservation and online ordering.
The potential must be clearly communicated and followed, all the right process must be done correctly because it is show to a good program that company provided.
In the aspect of reservation we are only accepting 10,000 to 15,000 minimum of orders. Aside from that, we also give the initial amount of tables, chairs and staff of our management who will set the said event. Three days before the event.
Regarding online ordering. First the customers must fill out the said requirements which contains their location, their complete name and their orders. We also give initial payment for delivering their orders. In aspect of location we only give P30.00 only around Manila City. In other locations we charge an additional payment of P30.00 it is for deliver purposes.
This develops the company more manageable and organize in online ordering and online reservation.
The main objective of this study is to make the Company more effective in the field of business. In a more convenient way and easily response to the demands of the customer in using the online ordering and online reservation. it is clearly stated the systematic flow of the income of the company.
> This is an object to create a web based system that will ease online – ordering of Japanese food for an Japanese restaurant. The overall objective of this system will be de – mystify Japanese food to facilitate patrons of an Japanese cuisine offered by the restaurant and will allow the customers to select and order their favorite dishes. It will assist the users in selection by specifying the most appropriate combination of dishes and beverages to make their meal a wholesome experience of Japanese dining. It will provide detailed information about dishes, their ingredients and possible customizations to set a spice level. Once customers complete their order they will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Specifically in the following objectives:
1. To design a system capable of the following:
- To be able to give the customer a good satisfaction in our system.
- To be able to monitor the income of the Company.
- To help the customer in designing their event in aspect of online reservation.
- To improve this online food ordering and reservation for them to know and
use it for their own convenience.
Online payment system is a new tool and paying debt or bill true online this online payment system transaction can be completed through a payment gateway. A payment gateway that the researcher uses in this study is paypal.
This Existing System of Izakaya Kikufuji shows how the customer will follow all the procedures given by the company.
This study will utilize the waterfall model in the development of the project. This included the following: requirement gathering and analysis, system design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
1. Access for the internet connection is the primary requirement to view website.

2. Explore the website of the company to view products.

3. Click the PayPal button provided on website to redirect into PayPal website.
4. Fill up the form of PayPal before the customer can proceed to payment transaction.

5. Enter the required credit card account number into PayPal payment form.

6. Sending of payment confirmation from PayPal to customer and administrator
It will be angaged in activities related to the IZAKAYA KIKUFUJI business. And every aspect of the operation in return a compensation package positioned to define each and every position within the company. Communicate qualification and responsibilities. A government plan likewise integrated into the individual company package.
The proposed system will simplify and automate everyday tasks and can help the company to be easy of managing their money.
System Design
This phase the researchers design the system according to its requirement. We followed the owner requirement and combined it with our idea to design the system and to develop the overall existing website using Cascading Style Sheet and Hypertext Mark-up Language. This system also used PHP scripting language that will handle the interaction between the user and the administrator. We also used flowchart as the blue print of our system showing the overall flow that will guide us in the step by step process of designing.
This phase will follow after we designed the online payment system of the company. We tried and test each part of the system to make sure that the process required to do by each menus were accurate to avoid failures of the overall online payment system.
Deployment of the System
This phase the developed online system of the company can now be accessed by the user through online using internet. The company can now be able to interact with customers through online using their developed system.
The System is designed for the enhancement or development of Online ordering and Online reservation system.
> Online ordering and online reservation system is an application that will permit the customers to get the information by asking information easily wherever they are if they have access to the internet it is limited specially for:
> Production management
> Customer management
> Ordering, delivery
- Some food items that are available
from the Izakaya restaurant will not be suitable for delivery, so the menu available to patrons of the Izakaya ordering system will be a subset of the full restaurant menu.
- The Izakaya restaurant ordering system shall be used only for the restaurant at the main process impact in Manila area, Philippines only.
The researchers have developed their management of attendance to have good quality of the company.
Future Researcher
The proposed study will benefits and help the future researcher their guide. This department is the one taking change of developing now offering for the enhancement of IZAKAYA KIKUFUJI Company.
This phase the online payment system of the company is maintained by the researchers to ensure the reliability and security of the online system. Also to update the customers about the future changes the company were planning to make.
Figure 3. Flowchart of Existing System
Figure 7. Waterfall Model of Izakaya Kukifuji Online Ordering and Reservation
Figure 7 shows the waterfall model of a Online payment system, this explain the stages or phase by phase procedure for the development of the system.
This project will be evaluation in three (3) stages, such as the preliminary evaluation, project demonstration and final evaluation.

Preliminary Evaluation. The project will be subjected to discuss the procedure and operation of the online payment system to the selected respondent such as company owner, customer; skilled and professionals who understand the technical aspect of the system.

Project Demonstration. This stage actually demonstrate the operation procedure of the online payment system perform by the creator of the system. Following the demonstration of the creator the respondent will give chance to use the system followed by the initiation of the study to check if the operation procedure as follow.

Final Evaluation. The stage where the evaluation instrument will be given to the respondents for them to answer. The instruments will be collected, data will be tallied and summarized, and the mean will be computed; and the results were interpreted using the qualitative interpretation of the mean that is shown in Table 1.
Gabot ~ Moran ~ Tolentino
Figure 4. Proposed System For
Online Ordering and Reservation System
Figure 2
Figure 4 shows the Context Diagram of Online Ordering and Online Reservation. It shows the process from customer up to the delivery process.
Figure 6. Context Flow Diagram for Proposed System
This Diagram shows when the customer would like to order some products of Izakaya Restaurant they will use the system and when they finish to fill up the said form the System Management or the admin will receive the customer’s order and by the time the system receive the order the customer will receive the confirmation message notifying them that the company receive the order and it’s the time when will the customer will use the paypal system.
Figure 6. Context Data Flow Diagram
for Existing System
Statement of the Problem
An online reservation system gives a lot of benefits such as timely, reliable and accurate report generation. As what the proponents had observed and interviewed, the problem experienced by the company with their existing system are the following:

1.) The security of the existing system is low, therefore it is prone to data lost and tampering from unauthorized users.

2.) There is no back-up plan or duplicate copy provided for each file, which may result to possible loss of data.

3.) The process of monitoring the availability of each rooms and function halls are done manually, therefore it is prone to errors, time consuming and can be possible cause of double booking.

4.) All the forms, data and reports are kept in a filing cabinet, thus searching or retrieving of files can be difficult and time consuming.

5.) The company can only accommodate customers that are near or within the vicinity of, giving them less exposure and limited access to other possible customers outside their area.
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
On the basis of the foregoing concepts, theories, and findings of related literature, studies presented, and insights taken from them, a conceptual model is developed as shown below.
Figure 1 shows that the conceptual model of the study, it consist of input, process, and output stage of evaluating the proposed system. The input covered knowledge and requirements, programming language, software requirements and hardware requirements. The knowledge and requirements consist of major topics such as PayPal, online payment system, related studies to support the proposed study and the company that the researchers proposed their study. The programming language that used on making this study are; PHP or PHP Hypertext preprocessor, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language and MySQL. The software
requirements are the following; the operating system of a unit to be used, Adobe Photoshop and WAMMP, the software suited on the design project should be compatible to all the programming language that are going to use. Lastly the hardware is compatible to all software that is going to use.
Figure 1.
The Conceptual Model of the Study
Assumptions and Dependencies
The following are the assumptions and dependencies found by the researchers :
AS-1: The client knows that Online Ordering System isn't the same as the manual system. S/he must be a computer literate.

AS-2: The OOS can be used to order breakfast, lunch, and dinner every company business day in which employees of the restaurant are expected to be on site.

DE-1: The operation of the OOS depends on changes being made in the Paypal System to accept payment requests for meals ordered with the OOS.

DE-2: The operation of the OOS depends on changes being made in the Restaurant Inventory System made by the manager to update the availability of food items.
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