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Brooke Shaden

Digital Photo I

Besiana Useni

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden By: Besiana Photography Sponsors Workshops Bibliography Behind the Scenes Inspiration Her Work In the words of Brooke Shaden Childhood Present Day The years of teenage angst Basic Facts Brooke Shaden was born in March of 1987 in
Lanchester, PA. As a child Brooke Shaden was set on becoming a writer; she would constantly be writing seemingly deep poetry or short stories. This passion for storytelling transformed into visual film making as of her senior year in high school. In high school Brooke Shaden was introduced to photography in a black and white film class. It was because of this class Brooke did not want to touch a camera for the rest of her life. But at the ripe age of 21, Brooke Shaden broke her high school vow of never doing photography, and began messing around with a camera. This "messing around" ignited the passion that Brooke Shaden currently has for photography. Brooke Shaden is a self taught photographer. Brooke Shaden is 25 years old, and is currently living with her husband and three cats in LA. She graduated from Temple University in 2008. Currently one original print by Brooke Shaden sells for 500 - 2,000 dollars. The camera that Brooke Shaden uses is a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. "My photographs are meant to be read and analyzed. Symbolism is abundant in them, for what makes an intricate story if not visuals that mean one thing but stand for another? I explore death and surrealism through my photography in order to show that reality has intricate ties with fantasy. Our world is not so different than the disturbing worlds I create within my frames. I argue that my surrealistic images are even more representational of life because they contain feelings and emotions that resonate with the viewers. Sometimes life does not have to be photographed according to reality; instead, why not explore the depths of the mind and soul and reach for something deeper than the reality that plagues us and traps us daily? My edited photographs are a far cry from the original image that comes out of the camera. I add texture to them to give a feeling of grime and age, thus giving the photographs a timeless feeling. I often play with the tones so that the subject is highlighted and the scenery falls away in to slight desaturation and abandonment. The real crux of my photography is portraiture; it is capturing the emotion of a single instance in a life. Certainly they are all staged and planned and scrutinized over, but they all hold some sort of dramatized emotion (a real emotion, almost unbearable to feel) that resonates with the viewer." "Everywhere, quite literally, but more specifically I am inspired by the seemingly impossible, the ordinary turned extraordinary, fairy tale characters in dark worlds…The list is endless. I have always been fortunate to have an overactive imagination, and I have always treasured that. I grew up thinking that with an imagination, anything was possible. "

Brooke Shaden doesn't have many outside influences on her work, but she does look to Pre-Raphaelite painters for their use of texture and color for inspiration. She also looks up to Gregory Crewdson, Tom Chambers, and Jamie Baldridge. The "key words" to Brooke Shaden's style of photography are; dark, whimsical, and surreal.
Brooke Shaden relies heavily on Photoshop and editing her pictures. In a typical photo shoot Brooke takes about 5 to 10 individual pictures. Brooke Shaden spends roughly 2-10 hours editing one single photograph. Red Whale, 2012 blue canvas
think tank photo
wacom These typically cost around $850. The price includes models, props, meals, location, and assistant fees. Inside these workshops one can learn how to take better pictures, and add to their portfolio. http://phlearn.com/phlearn-interviews-brooke-shaden
http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/elanderson2/shaden.html The Tide That Takes Us, 2010 The Fear of Falling, 2012 The World Above, 2011 Major Awards Exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography, December 2011-May 2012
Published in Bullett Magazine, November 2011
Selected as 1 of 8 winners by Ron Howard & Canon for Project Imagin8ion
Published in Italian Vogue, July 2011 Why I Chose her... When I first saw Brooke Shaden's work, I was immediately drawn to her artistic portrayal of human beings and human nature as a whole. Each picture tells a story, and it is those stories that I was interested in learning about. Self Portrait Magic and Sorcery, 2012 Battle at Cliffside Hill, 2012 The dramatic coloring of this photo helps emphasize the struggle to "rise above" our fears and embrace our dreams. The dramatic lighting in this photo helps capture the fairy tale gone wrong idea. This photo reminds me of the antagonists in Disney movies. The photo "Red Whale" is a picture of a woman defending herself on the shore line. One can reach this conclusion by observing the fact that the woman's arms are crossed. When somebody is trying to protect themself they generally cross their arms around themselves, shielding them from whatever is "attacking" them.
This photo was taken on a beach in L.A.
While that may not seem like such a big deal for many people Brooke Shaden was facing one of her greatest fears in order to capture this photo, she was facing her fear of the ocean. The model in the picture is Brooke Shaden herself.
Not only did Brooke Shaden face her fear while creating this picture, she also "created" the dress. The deep red dress that Brooke Shaden is wearing is actually a piece of cloth edited on Photoshop.
In my opinion this picture turned out marvelously, the dress really stands out against the dismal colors surrounding it.
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