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Causes of WW2

prezi about some causes of world war 2

T. Kohli

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Causes of WW2

Causes of World War 2 Treaty Of Versailles 1.War Guilt Cause-Germany had to accept
blame for the war. 2.Reperations- Germany had to
pay millions of dollars in war damage. 3.Disarment-Germany was only
allowed to have a small 4.Territorial Clauses-Germany's land was taken
away and given to other countries. Hitler's Actions 1.Secretyly built up on army supplies
2.Took back land that once belonged to Germany
3. Didn't keep his word to the people of several countries
4.Had his troops invade Rhineland Failure of Appeasement
1."Strong Germany" would prevent communism
2. Germany was under threat from France and Russia
3. France wasn't strong enough to fight Germany.
4. Hitler broke terms of Munich Agreement Failure of the League of Nations
1.Not all countries had joined to league.
2. The league had no power
3. The league had no army
4.L of N was unable to act quickly Websites:

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