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05.16 More Myths

05.16 More Myths

Shelby Coniglio

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of 05.16 More Myths

05.16 More Myths Choose ONE of the stories and draw a cartoon panel illustrating the story. You must have at least 3 panels (you can use more if you need to). Three of the panels must be accompanied by a short sentence written in Latin that captions your image. How does mythology explain spiders?
Arachne in Greek Mythology. Athena turned Arachne into a spider, because Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest.

Why was the laurel tree sacred to Apollo?
Apollo and Daphne in Greek Mythology. Daphne, who fled from Apollo, turned into a laurel tree, and Apollo (who was hit by Cupids arrow to fall in love with Daphne) made a wreath of the boughs to put upon his head.

How did the echo come to be?
Narcissus and Echo. Hera gave Echo punishment: She stole Echo's ability to talk independently. Echo couldn't ever start a conversation again; she could only repeat what others had just said.(like an echo)

Where did the dew come from?
Eos - The Dawn. Herse was the goddess of the plant-nourishing dew. She was a daughter of the sky-god Zeus and moon-goddess Selene.

What task does Atlas perform?
Atlas in Greek Mythology. Atlas, was not a god, but a Titan. He was bound by the gods to hold the pillar of the sky that had been broken in the Titan and God war. Arachne told everyone about being better than Athena
Arachne precepit omnes de ente melius quam Athena both had a contest
utrumque esset certamen Athena turned Arachne into a spider.

Athena versus Arachne in aranea. Arachne Arachne boosted that she was even better than a Goddess. Arachne challenged Athena to a contest at see who was better at weaving. Arachne insulted Athena with her finished craft. she then touched the forehead of Arachne and made her feel her guilt and shame. She could not endure it and went and hanged herself. Athena touched her and transformed her into a spider. Athena told her "Live," she said, "guilty woman! and that you may preserve the memory of this lesson, continue to hang, both you and your descendants, to all future times."
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