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ancient china

No description

liam pooler

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of ancient china

living in china was not easy it was hard they did a lot of work and martial arts like karate and now they make a lot of toys the great wall is made of wood brick and tamped ear
ancient china
Chinese civilization evolved around the yellow river and the Yangtze river valleys in the neolithic era but the yellow river said to be cadle of chinese civilization with thousands of years of continues history china is one of the worlds oldest civilizations they have over 1.8 billion people in china there is 8.4 billion people in the world. There flag has one big star on the top left corner then four stars make a half circle around the right side of the star then the rest is red. Here are some of the cities in china Beijing Xi'an Hangzhou Shanghai Xaimen.
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