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Demonstrative Pronouns

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Rochelle Habungan

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Demonstrative Pronouns

A demonstrative pronoun represents a thing or things:
near in distance or time (this, these)
far in distance or time (that, those)
singular: this, that
plural: that, those
Here are some examples with demonstrative pronouns:
tastes good.
Have you seen
are bad times.
Do you like

is beautiful.
Look at
were the days!
Can you see

is heavier than that.
are bigger than those.

A. Use `this´ or `these´

1. Is _________ my drink?

2. _________ aren´t my trainers.

3. Is _________ an interesting museum.

4. _________ are new bikes.

5. _________ is my house.
B. Use `that´ or `those´

1. __________ a big supermarket.

2. __________ are her CD´s.

3. Are __________ your books.

4. __________ is a big shop.

5. __________ is John´s house.
Demonstrative Pronouns
Demonstrate: to show, to indicate, to point to.
Do not confuse demonstrative pronouns with demonstrative adjectives. They are identical, but a demonstrative pronoun stands alone, while a demonstrative adjective qualifies a noun.

That smells. (demonstrative pronoun)
That book
is good. (demonstrative adjective + noun)
Normally we use demonstrative pronouns for things only. But we can use them for people when the person is identified. Look at these examples:

This is Josef speaking. Is that Mary?
That sounds like John.
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