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Kingdom of Spain

No description

Yakelin Romani

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Kingdom of Spain

Kingdom of Spain
Let's see the map...
Spain and EU foreign policy
Mediator Role
Syrian Community in Spain
Stability in the Mediterranean and the Arab world.
New Geopolitics
Minimal model : soft power criteria
International commitments:
Yakelin Romani Flores
Governmental system: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of state: Juan Carlos I
Official language: Spanish
Region: Iberian Peninsula (southwestern Europe)
Allies or blocs: European Union, United Nations, NATO, OECD, and WTO.

Population and growth rate: 47 265 321 hab. (2012) / 0.1%
Major religions: Roman Catholicism
Standard of living: High

Development status: High
Climate: Mediterranean climate, semiarid climate, oceanic climate.
Environment: one of world's leading countries in the development and production of renewable energy. Solar power and wind energy

Position of Spain
Progressive support from the Government of Spain to the Syrian opposition
Offer extended to mediate the conflict
favorable position to lift ban on the sale and supply of arms to the Syrian rebels adopted by the EU on May 27.
MASAR program of AECID
Gain Integers in soft power
outbreaks of violence between Sunnis and Shiites in the Lebanese-Syrian border
700 spanish soldiers - international peacekeeping mission UNIFIL
Sensitivities of the Syrian community in Spain have to be taken into account by the Government, in order to avoid any kind of conflict within the community.

Air Force
Economy system: capitalist
GDP: $1.352 trillion
Major cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia
Majors exports / imports: fruits and vegetables, machinery for industry and construction material transport / energy
Major trade partners: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK, US.
Natural resources: mineral resources and small amounts of natural gas and oil
1.2% GDP
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