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Theme Of The Boy Who Dared

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Adam Kilpatrick

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Theme Of The Boy Who Dared

Theme Of The Boy Who Dared
Courage: Courage is one of the biggest themes in this book. Helmuth has a lot of courage for his age especially since he is rebeling Hitler the most powerful man in Germany. Hemuth does this all because he knows its wrong not because he is one of the race's being blamed.

Bravery: Helmuth is also very brave, he knows that ignoring Hitlers rules will cause him nothing but trouble. Yet he doesn't care he wants to do what is right. There are even adults that disagree with Hitler but aren't brave enough to speak for themselves, Helmuth is though.

Theme Definition
The underlining message that the author develops or the big idea of a story.
By:Adam and Caleb
Message about life that the author teaches us through the experiences of the characters.
Evidence To Support The Theme:
Do the right thing

When he was in court he confessed to making propaganda against Hitler.
"Deliberate listening to foreign radio stations...Willfully distributing newscasts of foreign radio stations... Conspiracy to commit high treason."
In the book he had courage and bravery by saying ,"All I did was tell the truth, and you have sentenced me to die, just for telling the truth. Your time will come." When he said that he had a lot of courage and bravery because just by saying that would put him in even worse trouble.
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