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No description

Melissa Perez

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Dystopia

It's human nature to try and figure out how to make everything "perfect". To do this the government thought that the first step was to make everyone "feel" equal and for us to step up our technology. The government started to get rid of all our leaders and soon they got "rid" of themselves.
The Perfect World Gone Wrong
Conspiracies began to come up , people began to believe that the government wasn't completely gone. People began to feel like they were being followed. Everyone began to feel uncomfortable and they wanted to stop being surveillance by their government.
Why did everything go wrong?
The people of our country were tired of the government trying to control everything, with their new gadgets no one felt like they had anymore privacy. There were cameras everywhere, everyone was afraid to do anything because if you did something against the rules the punishments were very harsh. People began to meet uo in secret places where they knew there no cameras and they planned on overthrowing the government. The government found out about this and began to make the futuristic devices turn on people.
Everyone was treated in the same way and free to do what ever they wanted
Everything was "perfect".
The Rules
Everyone is to be treated equal
Don't take advantage of anything
The "Perfect" Society Crumbles
By the year 2065 the perfect community in which everyone lived in had been destroyed. Everything went wrong. All the technology that the government had given the people turned on them. People began to disappear without leaving a trace. Their beautifully perfect society fell apart when they were least expecting it.
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