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The Blueprint Student Organization Training

No description

Amanda Carlton

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Blueprint Student Organization Training

The Blueprint
Student Organization Training

Welcome to The Blueprint!
Student Organizations at Georgetown
Supporting Student Organizations
University Standards & Policies
Available to all groups with Access to Benefits
Standards & Policies
Departmental Sessions
Advisory Board Sessions
University Mission
Emphasis on:
- Sustained discourse
- Diverse perspectives
- Commitment to justice
- Academic community
- Lifelong learning
A Vision of Community
in Diversity
We Are Georgetown!
- What does this call to community mean?
- How does this connect to our Jesuit and Catholic identity?

The Spirit of Georgetown
How does your organization support our institutional values?
- Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
- Contemplation in Action
- Academic Excellence
- Educating the Whole Person
- Cura Personalis
- Faith and Justice
- Women & Men for Others
- Interreligious Understanding
- Community in Diversity
Advisory Boards
Media Board
Advisory Board for Club Sports
Center for Social Justice Advisory Board for Student Organizations
Graduate Student Organization
Performing Arts Advisory Council
Student Activities Commission
Campus Ministry Student Forum*
Campus Departments
Campus Ministry
Center for Social Justice
Center for Student Engagement
Department of Performing Arts
Access to Benefits
-Defines the BENEFITS granted to student groups
Student Organization Standards
Sets expectations of student groups that have been granted Access to Benefits
Defines the "benefits" granted to student organizations
Ability to use Georgetown name, seal, marks
Access to University tax-exempt status
Access to resources
Access to communication tools
Specialized Resources
Establishes expectations of student organizations
Open membership
Minimum membership standards
Not duplicative of other groups
Governed by a formal constitution
Compliance with University policies and standards
Respect for Others
Do not discriminate
Do not haze
Respect other group's freedom of expression
Do not disrupt other's events, University business
Organizational Integrity
Prohibited Actions
Signing another person's name
Supplying false or misleading information
Knowingly accepting or using false identification
Allowing individuals not associated with a group to direct, manipulate or improperly influence an organization
Failing to follow the organization's constitution
Soliciting outside funding without prior approval
Use of University Resources
Adhere to financial procedures
Do not maintain an outside bank account
Do not lobby as an organization
Utilize equipment and venues only in the manner in which your reservation was characterized
Ensure your organization does not profit the group or any individual
Obtain the appropriate permission before utilizing organizational or university resources
Speech & Expression Policy
Guidelines for maintaining discourse in our campus community
The University teaches by being what it is
"Free speech" and discourse are central to the life of the University
More speech is better.
The tradition of Georgetown University demands that we live up to these ideals
Violation of these principles have consequences
What does this mean in practice?
Groups may plan events that challenge the beliefs and values of others
Red Square is an agreed-upon location for free speech and expression of ideas
In other locations, free speech is governed by "time, place, and manner"
We expect speech to be claimed and not anonymous
Events that are considered controversial can expect to have a designated protest area
University leaders work closely with groups planning controversial events
Event Policies
Know the policies for the spaces that
you hold events and meetings on-campus
Amplified sound is not allowed in
Red Square or on the lawns during
University business hours
(Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm)

Amplified sound is permitted
outside on evenings (after 5pm)
and weekends until 1am
Adhere to Outdoor Noise Policies
Serving Alcohol at Events
Yes, it's possible!
To Obtain University Approval
Email the Center for Student Engagement at getinvolved@georgetown.edu to request the application
The application requires you to consider how your event will comply with University protocols, such as:
Checking government-issued IDs
Serving of alcohol to those over-21 only
Ensuring appropriate security
Presence of a University official
Protection of Minors

Applies to:
University-run or –affiliated programs and activities involving minors (on and off campus)
Non-University organizations and entities that operate programs or activities involving minors on campus

Reporting Requirement – it’s for everyone:
Learn more: http://protectionofminors.georgetown.edu/policy/#reporting_potential_harm_to_minors

Call GUPD or MPD immediately

Must inform Office of Compliance & Ethics (OCE)
Promptly notify advisor
May also notify MPD and/or DC CFSA

QUESTIONS: Contact Office of Compliance & Ethics or go to

Georgetown’s Protection of Minors Policy

1. Notify your University advisor at least 4 weeks in advance of the program or activity date

2. Work with your advisor to register the program/activity

3. Complete requirements within the time deadlines stated in the policy:
2 Weeks in advance of the program/activity: any required background checks and online course must be completed
1 Week in advance of the program/activity: All adults involved in the program/activity must sign Certifications from Working with Minor Guidelines; advisor will collect these and forward to OCE

If you’re planning a program or activity involving minors (under age 18)…

Office Max Cost Initiative
Office Max must be used to purchase many common items purchased by groups:
Raffle tickets
Cleaning products
Effective August 1, 2013, a new cost savings measure was implemented university-wide.
GU has negotiated improved pricing and agreed to participate in the OfficeMax Alternative Products Program.
Program will substitute generic and more environmentally sustainable items automatically.
Other Policies to Know
Check the Blueprint Rendering!
Student Organization Web Policy

UIS Acceptable Use Policy
Posting Policies
Residence Halls
Campus Postings

UIS Web Advertising & Sponsorship Policy
Your Responsibility
Ensure your members understand these policies
Be aware that the Student Code of Conduct
and all policies apply to you
and your organizations members
If you have questions, ask your advisor
HoyaLink Finance
Cost Center Reports are now available online!
Click 'Finance' on the left menu tab from your group's page
Then, click the Accounts tab to view accounts connected to your group.
Click the Account Name to view detailed activity.
Balance and Available Funds denote the amount in your account. This will always be the same
The Encumbered Funds function is currently not available.
Click the Transactions tab to view
the transactions
of this account.
To view specific details about a transaction,
click the corresponding Transaction Number.
The ‘Category’ denotes the account code for the transaction.

‘Memo’ corresponds to the information submitted with
the transaction to assist in identifying the charge.

CSJ Vans
Available to student groups for use for travel to and from event sites

Drivers must have completed the University's Driver Authorization

New Reservation Time-Based Billing Structure

CSE Reservable Equipment
To checkout equipment, complete the
Resource & Equipment form on the CSE HoyaLink page.
Sound System
Student Activities Golf Cart
Board Games
Inflatable Jack
Projector Screen
Button Maker
Poster Printer
Gelardin New Media Center
Bulldog Alley
To request complete the CSJ Van Request
form on HoyaLink
Tablets & E-Readers
Office of
Campus Activity Facilities

Provides scheduling and coordination of support services for a number of facilities, including outdoor spaces on the Main Campus.
Office Hours
Regular Business Hours
Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm
Full-time staff available
Unlimited services provided
Extended Business Hours
Limited services provided
Temporary Keys
No Permanent Key Check-out
No keys to Admin Offices in Leavey
Cannot check on reservation statuses
Helpful Hints
Online request submissions are only REQUESTS, they do not guarantee a reservation
The online availability calendar only shows confirmed reservations
A request may take 3-10 business days to process
Sometimes additional information is needed to confirm a request
Remember to order your equipment
Place requests as early as possible
Develop rain plans for outdoor events
What's Next?
Departmental Breakouts
Center for Student Engagement - McShain Large
- Club Sports
- Media Board
- Graduate Student Organization
- Student Activities Commission
- CSE Administrative Groups
Center for Social Justice - McShain Small
- CSJ Advisory Board for Student Organizations
Campus Ministry - Makom
- Campus Ministry groups
Organizations must coordinate with their
advisor to purchase these items
from Office Max through the University.
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