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Chinese Cinderella Triangle Theme Project

No description

Avery Francis

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Cinderella Triangle Theme Project

Chinese Cinderella Theme Triangle Project
By: Avery Francis
Chinese Cinderella Triangle Theme Project
By: Avery Francis
My Chosen Theme
There are many themes for the novel Chinese Cinderella. One theme I chose was....overcoming challenges and obstacles. Throughout the book Adeline has to work through many challenging obstacles like Niang and Father always disrespecting her, also her own siblings. Only few people related to Adeline believed and supported her. The only few people that believed in her were Ye Ye, Aunt BaBa and Nai Nai. She did have trust in one of her older brothers but once he joined forces with the others; he turned out to be disrespectful to Adeline. To include, that the other siblings hated her because they thought she was the reason that their birth mother died.(Yen Mah 53)
Song: Runaway -By: Mat Kearney
In comparison to Mah's memoir, the song
reminds me of Adeline. I believe this because this song is about overcoming obstacles and facing her dreams and or fears. In the song some words are "She wants to be free.... like a runaway...try to believe... going to find a way"This song is based on the movie "Soul Surfer". The movie is about a girl named Bethany who loses an arm in a major shark attack. She learns to live her life adjusting without the help of her left arm.The lyrics tell a story of someone trying to break free and find themselves by overcoming many obstacles.
Movie: Soul Surfer -Directed By:Sean McNamara
I can also compare
Chinese Cinderella
to the movie
Soul Surfer
. I believe this because in this memoir Bethany, the victim of the shark attack, loses her arm and 1/4 of her surfboard. The theme of overcoming obstacles is also present in this major motion picture. Like I said in the last slide, she goes through a tough time learning how to get used to only having one arm. Adeline's conflict is her family but mostly her parents. Throughout both memoirs, both protagonists try to find ways to overcome their obstacles. For Adeline is it harder because only few are supporting her . Bethany on the other hand has every one, including her whole town and many countries behind her. Both
Soul Surfer and Chinese Cinderella
show a protagonist with a conflict in their way.
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