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Events and Races

Julia Conlan

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Track

Track & Field Some events you can do are:
Distance running
Sprinting races
Field Events Distance- is running for long
peroids of time or runnning mileage.
Some Distance Events in track are:
4 by 8 relay
800 meter run
16oo meter run
1500 meter run
3,000 meter run
Steeple chase
Hurdling- is running at a fast pace
and jumping over hurdles Some Hurdle
Events in Track are:
100 meter hurdles
400 meter hurdles
Sprinting- is running for short
peroids of time,very fast. Some Sprinting
Events in track are:
55 meter dash
100 meter dash
200 meter
300 meter
400 meter
4 by 1 realy
4 by 2 relay
4 by 4 relay Field Events-are jumping or throwing Some Field
Events in track are:
High jump
Long jump
Triple jump
Pole Vault
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