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The Republic of Texas

The first presidents, early issues and annexation.

Jeremy Trettel

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Republic of Texas

Domestic Policies: Foreign Policies 1. Gain recognition of Texas from
other countries.
2. Avoid conflict with Mexico. 1. Gain control of the Texas Army.
2. Keep peace in Texas with Indians.
3. Put Nation on solid financial
ground. Sam Houston Takes Office as First
President of the Republic of Texas Mirabeau Lamar 2nd President of the
Republic of Texas Foreign Policies: Domestic Policies: 1. Peace with Mexico
at any cost
2. Westward Expansion
3. Recognition from
other countries 1. Strengthen the Armed Forces
2. Remove Native Americans from
the Texas frontier Economics: The Indian Wars cost Texas $2.5 million
The government only collected about $1 million
Lamar ordered printing of millions of paper
Hoped for a loan from France, but denied...
Value of the Texas dollar fell to 12 cents Economics: Cut government spending.
Find new sources of income.
Attempt to get loan from U.S.
Paper money had no value.
Land values fell...
Value of Texas dollar fell to 12 cents September 1836 Anson Jones "Architect of Annexation" 1844 Houston Lamar Annexation Term Against 2 Years 3 Years 2 Ways of Thinking For (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Houston Austin Capital Armed
Forces Texas
& Militia Indian
Relations Peace
Negotiations Peace or War Large Navy & Army For Against Texas U.S.A. Debate of Annexation Mexico 1. Protection from Mexico.
2. Wipe out debt.
3. U.S. Currency
4. Family in U.S. 1. To avoid war.
2. Northerners against slavery.
3. Worried about balance of states.
4. Faced economic problems -
Did not need more debt. 1. To honor the martyrs.
2. To build a Texas Empire. 1. Westward Expansion.
(Manifest Destiny)
2. Southerners wanted a
slave state to gain power
in Congress. 1. Still claimed Texas.
2. To avoid war. ??? Sam Houston is
elected first
president of the
Republic of
Texas. 1837 Texas capital
is moved to
Houston. 1838 Mirabeau
is elected
president. 1839 Texas capital
is moved
to Austin. May 14,
1836 Apr. 21,
1836 Texas army is victorious at the
Battle of San Jacinto. Santa Anna & Burnet sign a peace treaty. The Council
House Fight 1840 1841 1842 Lamar launches
the Santa Fe
Expedition Mexican troops
invade Texas.
Archives War
Mier Expedition
(Black Bean Episode) Anson Jones
is elected
president 1841 Houston's
second term 1844 1845 Texans face
choice of statehood
or remaining
independent. 1836 COLUMBIA Highlights of 2nd Term: 1. Almost sold off the Navy
2. Cut government spending,
but only paid debt interest
3. Grand Council - peace treaty
with the Indians Treaty of 1844 Annexation Treaty
Texas to be a U.S. Territory
Texas must give up public lands
U.S. would pay Texas' debt
U.S. Senate rejected it 35 - 16 Britain to help Texas be recognized by Mexico Terms of Joint Resolution of 1845 Texas to join U.S. as state after Texans approve Constitution
Texas to keep public lands, but profits from sales must be used to pay off debt
Texas could be divided into as many as 5 states
Texas would be a slave state Mexico offers recognition if Texas rejects annexation The Republic of Texas
1836 - 1845 End of the Texas Revolution President Sam Houston President Mirabeau Lamar Houston's Back President Anson Jones
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