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Let's start with vocab ch 12

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Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Let's start with vocab ch 12

Warm Up
What is "Cyberbullying" about, and why are you reading it?
Let's start with vocab ch 12
Let's get back to adverbs in comparisons
Adverbs can be used in comparisons in which the sentence says as...as, so...as, or equally
These statements come after verbs and adverbs and contain adverbs.
The fan
as the cheerleaders.
The boys do not
as the girls.

The fans and players are equally excited.

This house sits as close to the river as that one.

That house doesn't have so much natural light as this one.

The two houses are equally beautiful.
You don't put "as" before or after equally.
As...as can be used with statements that are positive or negative.
Jane doesn't read as well as Anne.
Jane counts as high as every other student.

so....as is ONLY used with statements that are negative
Mrs. Jones isn't so late as her husband.

Equally is used with statements in which two actions are equal.
The dogs walk equally slowly.
Insert as, so, or equally into the following sentences.
John runs....fast as Steve.

All bird sing....well.

Jane doesn't study....long as Robert.

I didn't arrive nearly....late as I did yesterday.

Complete exercises 1 and 2 on pgs. 116 and 117.
Let's get back in the 2nd Holocaust magazine analysis group.

Anthony, Judy, Briana
Isabella, Walther, Elijah
Sylvia, Freddy, Richard
Let's go over the Holocaust magazine.
Now, let's talk about voice.
Now, we are going to take some notes in preparation for both the research paper and assessment for "Cyberbullying"
Now, let's discuss using quotes from a source.
You don't simply drop a quote in a paragraph.
First, it should be introduced:

According to the Department of Energy, "....quote...."
In a speech about Macbooks, Steve Jobs said,".....quote...."
The official website for Nikon stated, "...quote..."
Then, the quote should be written in quotation marks.

Finally, the next sentence should explain how the quote connects to the idea in that paragraph.
You need one quote from each approved source in your research paper.
You also need three quotes as part of the assessment for "Cyberbullying." Two of them should be from the article we read.
You are creating a presentation that is anti-cyberbullying.
Holocaust book review and art planning sheet due tomorrow if not turned in
final artwork due 4/10
Spring break ixl due 4/9
adverb ws due tomorrow

as ADVERB as
so ADVERB as
equally is an adverb and comes before an adverb or adjective
You should be discussing as you write, not just simply writing.
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