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An Overview: Educational Technology 2

No description

Abelardo Barrientos

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of An Overview: Educational Technology 2

"Educational Technology 2 will involve a deeper understanding of computer as well as hands-on application of computer skills"
Who are the beneficiaries of this?
Goal of the Course
Mainly directed to student teachers, also professional teachers.
this course intends to help our target learners to weave technology in teaching...
Enhancing teaching-and-learning through technology integration
"Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning"
It focuses on the following:
Course Aims to:


infuse technology in the student training
An Overview: Educational Technology 2
to meet and adapt rapid and continuing technological changes
provide education in the use of technology in instruction
to impart learning experiences
to acquaint student on Information Technology
to learn to use and evaluate computer-based educational resources
to engage learners on practical technology integration issues including managing IT classrooms
to inculcate higher-level thinking and creativity among students
professional teachers
school administrators
teacher educators

anyone interested on how IT can be used
extending the knowledge and skills

Ed. Tech 2
"A refreshing and exciting study given the idea that all learning should be fun"
to meet and adapt rapid and continuing technological changes
Prepared by: Abelardo III P. Barrientos
Steffi Sharmaine J. Baja
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