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Tenth Avenue North

No description

Samantha Goerger

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North Samantha Goerger
Music Appreciation
Mrs. Goerger
Date In the Beginning... Palm Beach Atlantic College at Tenth Avenue North
Student Housing - Jason and Mike
From Indiana to Florida - Jeff God Created... Mike The Talents Mike -Vocals, Guitar
Jason -Drums
Jeff -Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Ruben -Keys, Background Vocals
Brendon -Bass, Background Vocals A few years past...
Ruben Juarez III
A few Dove Awards later....
Brendon Shirley Ruben Jeff Jason Brendon And He saw that it was good... 3 Independent Albums and an EP:
2002 - Broken Down
2003 - Don't Look Back
2005 - Speaking of Silence
2006 - God with Us 4 More Albums and an iTunes Session
2008 - Over and Underneath
2010 - The Light Meets the Dark
2011 - (Live) Inside and In Between
2012 - The Struggle; and an iTunes Session So He sent them to spread His word... Journals:
Ask Jeff
SeizedByAGreatAffection - Mike
Video Journals - Mike
Others So they did just that... Tour: The Struggle
With Moriah Peters and Rend Collective Experiment
February 15th-September 14th And Now They've Come to You!
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