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Leisure Dreamtrip

No description

Alisha Burkert

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Leisure Dreamtrip

to the Disney dreamtrip analysis!

quick recap..
thank you
for your attention!
Ally Kanzleiter
Mandy Beemster
To conclude
our Analysis ...
recommendations to the next dreambuilders team...
Sincerely, the dreambuilders inc. team:
Dreamtrip 14.-18. March 2016
Client Stenden University, Theo de jong
155 gusts (145 colleagues, 10 supervisors)
target group students 18-27 yo
focus on entertainment&education
visit to disneyland paris and champagne capital reims
6 organizors
295 euro pp

Transport &
Overall satisfaction
... and what are recommendations for the next time?
was this the ultimate dream experience ...

transport rated 8,2/10
--> space in the bus
--> communication with bus drivers

Accommodation rated 7,6/10
--> good location, good breakfast, very clean
small rooms and no wifi in bungalows
( rated 8,2/10)

--> too long hours at venues (disney park/reims)
--> Disney park, champagne tour in reims, Buffalo Bill dinner highly valued
--> mickey ceremony
--> length of days
--> Provision supermarket
--> paris

--> Get more upront information (Villages Nature, Cleaning Package, Pool times etc.)
--> manage expectations better
--> try to include paris
--> shorten the days
--> stick to a strict time management in program
--> double check everything
--> magic package

--> choice/combination of channel
--> upfront information
--> consistency of information
--> involvement guests
--> approachability of organization
--> morning meetings/intros
role division
production schedule
active problem solving
common responsibility
clearly defined roles
regular meetings
upfront presentations
tutor meeting
checks of work
class of bus
shuttle bus
morning meetings
program in evenings
preparation for locations
welcoming bungalows
golden mickey ceremony
time planning
reims market
Keep ...
magic package
buffalo bill
cooking challenge
bus company
bungalows as accommodation
bungalow signs/names
tweedly lecture
golden ticket
group pictures
stop zwolle

change ...
information provision
expectations management
involve all guests equally
communication third parties
consistency consequences
communication channels
communication client
feedback moments (1 on1)
Keep ...
Change ...
recommendations for the next dreamtrip ...
... transport has to be spacious and well communicated with ITs!

... Bungalows were appreciated and wifi should be available!

... activities should be highly entertaining and kept in proportions!

... communication has to be clear, consistent and prior!

... expectations have to be managed and the team has to be on the same page!
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