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Motivation - 10 KEYS

No description

Kim Carlson

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Motivation - 10 KEYS

-Thomas Jefferson “I HAVE TO” It is one more phrase that
makes You feel powerless Stop using the words… -Thomas Jefferson It makes you feel more
POWERFUL, and you need
to feel powerful to achieve
Your goals “I Choose to” Instead, say… ALSO I can’t do this. It is too hard.
I’m not smart enough. I am stupid.
I will never learn this.
I am not a good dancer.
I am not good with tools.
I can’t cook very well.
I’m too fat.
I’m too old to do this.
I will never get off welfare. Have you ever said… “I HAVE TO” It is one more phrase that
makes You feel powerless Stop using the words… Stop using the word…

“I’ve never been poor, only broke. Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation.”

- Mike Todd Anytime you talk to yourself like this
it hurts your
It takes away your
power to act. In order to be a

you have to learn to talk positively to yourself This weakens your POWER When you say try,
You are telling your subconscious mind
That you might not be able to do it How to deal
put downs MENTAL SELF DEFENSE Positive Self-Talk Here’s how to do YOU FEEL GOOD If you say good things to yourself We all talk to ourselves AFFECTS HOW YOU FEEL But how YOU talk to yourself nothing on earth can help
the man with the wrong mental attitude -Thomas Jefferson Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude
from achieving his goal; It makes you feel more
POWERFUL, and you need
to feel powerful to achieve
Your goals “I Choose to” Instead, say… “No Matter what you
Say or do to me, I’m still
A worthwhile person” Just say to yourself: If someone puts you down or criticizes you You first
Have to
Change your
thoughts In order to
Change your
behavior Control
behavior The thoughts
You THINK bad You will feel bad. If you say bad things to yourself POSITIVE
Key 2 SAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN Whenever you say something
bad to yourself, GOOD
SELF-TALK In order to be successful you must Negative Positive I am a lovable person
And people like me Nobody likes me “The only blocks I have in my life are the ones I put there myself” I love myself just the way I am I’m too Fat With Positive Self-Talk Replace BAD Self-Talk Change from – to + “I will get the Job I want” Then Say: “I’ll never get that job” If your hear
Yourself say: Orientation Week 1 & 2
Training Motivation Week 3 & 4
Training You can be a Success in Life!

Healthy self-esteem is the belief that you are

lovable and capable I A L A C S Your Self-Esteem is built
on your feeling of...

I Am Lovable And
Capable and Significant less lovable and capable and significant lovable and capable and significant OR Everything you think, say or do will make you feel more SELF-ESTEEM YOU ARE IN CHARGE!
Take Responsibility
Events of your life +

Your Response to those events =

The Outcomes you get In order to be successful you will first need to let go of the negative past. If there was pain and hurt...

If someone hurt you...

If you hurt someone...
FORGIVE YOURSELF. "You can be proud of what you have been through because you survived."
- Joan Fountain The Mirror Exercise "Look at yourself in the mirror. Discover what your reflection has to say. It isn't your father or mother whose judgement you must pass. The person whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass."
- Author Unknown "Success brings Success." Acknowledge and Affirm Your Strengths Daring Able to Give Orders Bright Fair Forceful Gets Along With Others Visionary Leadership Loyal Warm Strong Happy Trusting On Time Organized Joyful Faithful Keeps Agreements Reassuring Often Admired Mechanical Spiritual Likes Responsibility Patient Musical Appreciative Efficient Goal Setting ASK PERSONAL STRENGTHS What Are Your Natural Talents? What Are You Good At? ASK Co-Workers Parents S Spouse Children Friends Living life without goals is like
driving a car without a steering wheel. Reasons You Should Set Goals One thing all successful people do is plan their future. They set goals! Plan Your Future Something You Believe You Can Get Something You Are Willing To Pay The Price For
(In Time and Effort) Something That Doesn’t Hurt Anyone Else A Goal Is: Specific – It Must Say How Much and By When Something You Can See Yourself Doing Something You Really Want A Goal is: Muhammad Ali “The most important step to getting what you want
Out of this life is this: Decide what you want.” “Aim for the Highest” “What keeps me going is goals.” Andrew Carnegie Jack Canfield A Sense of Direction In order to got what you want,
you first need to know what you want. NOT! "Nothing happens unless
first a dream" -Carl Sandburg IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLAR$ One of the fastest ways to decide what you want in life is to ask yourself what would you do if you won a million dollars? Another way to find out what you want in
life is to make a list of
all the people you admire. Then ask yourself WHY? Imagine your life exactly
the way you want it to be. MY "I will ..." " I will ..." "I will ..." Think and Talk
about your
as if you had already
achieved them. Affirmations POSITIVE SELF-TALK Repeat 3x a Day! My Affirmations 1. Is honest and dependable
2. Is reliable
3. Is punctual
4. Gets along well with others
5. Cooperates with supervisors
6. Accepts and handles
7. Is willing to undergo further
job skill training 8. Speaks well and listens
9. Works with a minimum of
10. Can solve personal and
professional problems
11. Possesses entry level job
12. Reads with understanding
13. Understands required math ASK Feel the Fear An Employee: An Employee: ASK ASK AND Do It Anyway! Negative Feedback? So...if you wonder
if it is worth taking
the risks or not --
the only way to find
out is
BY TAKING THEM. ME - + Don't get
Angry... Don't cave in
or give up... Don't close yourself off to feedback... Listen. Thank them. Decide. --Ronald R. Cabajal PERSEVERE Review Your Plan
and Persevere Never Give Up On Your Dreams! "In the middle
of difficulty
--Albert Einstein You Reached
Your Celebrate Success GRATITUDE STOP!
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