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Chapter 9: The Fashion Design Segment

No description

Emily Cotter

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 9: The Fashion Design Segment

Price Market Categories of Apparel Licensing and Franchising Sources of Inspiration World Fashion Design Centers Chapter 9: The Fashion Design Segment Designer Bridge Better Moderate Budget Designer Bridge Better Moderate Budget high priced fashions for the tiny "class" market
created by name designers
custom-made "secondary" lines of well-known designers.
expensive fabrics and fine details in small quantities
the most expensive ready-to-wear apparel
high quality, reasonable price
designers are unnamed
department stores lowest-price category
for the mass market
downscaled knockoffs
less expensive material United States France Italy Great Britain Canada Central and South America Japan China and Hong Kong Licensing: legal arrangement whereby
manufacturers are granted the exclusive
right to produce and market goods
that bear the famous label of a
designer. Franchising: a contract arrangement
in which the designer grants a
retailer the right to use his or her
famous name and trademarked
goods within a particular trading
area. Historic costumes Movies, TV, etc. Magazines Trends Celebrities By: Emily Cotter!
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