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No description

Ruben Paul

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Korfball

What is Korfball
*Nico Broekhuysen 1902


*the field
- a korfball-ball
-Sport clothes
*What is Korfball
*when and where
*types korfball
A interview with Leon simons
* How old are you ?
I'm 38
When and where
*By which korfball-club did you play ?
You can play this sport always.
Winter: in a sportshall
Summer: on a outdoor field
*It’s not aloud to walk with the ball.
*It’s not alloud to play football.
*You can not score when you are defended.

*How many times did you play for the dutch national team ?
*Where were you born ?
in Papendrecht
*Have you Brothers or sisters?
Yes 2 Brothers
*Have you children?
Yes 2 girls
*What do you now with korfball ?
*What was your last match?
Ec final 2010
Netherlands- Belgium
*When did you stopped with korfball
1 November 2010
*Why did you start play korfball?
My brothers play korfball too
The end of my presentation
types korfball
*normal korfball
*Beach korfball
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