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Case Study: Lenovo

No description

Brittany Brese

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Case Study: Lenovo

Case Study: Lenovo
External Analysis
Internal Analysis
Feasible Alternative Strategies
Critical Problems
1. Lenovo is starting to struggle in maintaining financial position and growth in the slowing PC market.

2. Lenovo is also struggling to grow the mobile division with expansion to developing countries because of mature and saturated markets.

Relative Attractiveness
Brittany Brese, Jordan Cox, Jamie Larson, Leslie Stillar, and Michael Patenaude
Company EFE Matrix
Competitor Analysis
Mobile Division
Company IFE
Mobile Divisional IFE
Space Matrix
IE Matrix
Projected Financial Statements
1. View statements, determine profits

2. Reinvestment funds

3. Weight aspects

4. Determine dollar amount w/ weights

5. Scenario analyses

6. Review results and compare

7. Continue monitoring during the fiscal year,
Evaluation Plan
Step 1: Review Underlying Strategy
Prepare Revised IFE
Prepare Revised EFE
Compare with originals
Step 2: Measure Organizational Performance
Actual Vs. Expected
Time 1 Vs. Time 2 Vs. Time 3
Step 3: Take Corrective Action
Make Changes to completely reposition
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