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Fandom grows as a part of pop culture. It is widely known in Tumblr and DeviantArt.

Owren Kwan

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Fandom

Fandom Definition example of Fandom Fandom: Fan-fiction writing Fandom: Cosplay Features Fandom: Ship Appeal A community that surrounds a TV show/movie/books/comic book/artist etc showing deeper appreciation and more vivid interest towards it.

The word consists of two main words;
Fan- = fan
Dom = domain or kingdom Potterheads (Harry Potter)
Gleek (Glee)
One Directioners (One Direction)
many more; The Hunger Games, Supernatural, Avatar: the Legend of Aang, The Big Bang Theory, Twilight, Pairings of characters; whether the
characters are paired by the creator,
or the fans pair them, based on chemistry resembling friends or couple Cosplay stands for Costume Play.

Fans dress up as fictional characters
from TV show/movie/comic book/
anime etc. New terms are introduced:
- "fangirl"/"fanboy" (verb)
- "bromance" (noun)
- "OTP; one true pairing" Found in many social networking
sites (mostly Tumblr, Youtube and DeviantArt)

Freedom of expressing opinions and interests

Young generation enjoy TV Shows, Movies, Books and Comic Books Fanfiction contains stories about characters or settings made by fans of the original work,
rather than by the original creator.
= stories of an alternate universe Swear words & sexual references Feelings descriptions are frequently replaced by Memes, Emoticons or .gif instead of sentences Both formal and informal language may be used Common theme in fanfiction/art: relationship GLEE FAN-FIC
Ryder looked at him in disbelief- he wanted to believe him, he really did- but how could he? He'd just found a blade in his bathroom, he couldn't just let that go. So, he said the first thing that came to mind.

"Show me your wrists," he demanded. Maybe it was a weird request, but he had to know if Jake was hurting himself. Jake shook his head again.

"I don't have to prove anything to you, Ryder, I'm not cutting myself!" he snapped, turning his attention away from Ryder, looking down at the floor. Ryder really wished he could believe Jake,

"Jake, there's something not right about this."

"Don't you dare tell Puck," he said with desperation. "No matter what. I swear, dude, I'll... I'll never speak to you again."

--taken from an TakenTopaz account Common Ships Harry & Hermione (from Harry Potter)
Finchel (from Glee)
Dastiel (from Supernatural)
Shamy (from The Big Bang Theory) Fandom: Fan Art Artistic interpretation of characters, stories or settings of an original artwork Language Ships:
- Finn-Rachel (Finchel)
- Brittany-Santana (Brittana)
- Kurt Hummel-Rachel Berry (Hummelberry)
- Kurt-Blaine (Klaine)
- Quinn Fabray-Rachel Berry (Faberry) Slangs and deliberated / intentional grammatical errors are common Hyperbole with spelling, punctuation, capitalization, unnecessary letters Figurative language: simile, metaphor, personification or hyperbole Replacing letter with numbers that sound like the letter itself Overreaction THANK YOU! Source:
- Urban Dictionary
- Wikipedia
- Tumblr
- DeviantArt
- Fanfiction.net
- YouTube
- Several instagram accounts Watch this clip Fandom: Role-play An activity in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Abbreviated terms Onomatopoeia
e.g. "Awwww", "Arggh"
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