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ServSafe Review

Chap 1-3

Ashlea Tobeck

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of ServSafe Review

A foodborne illness is considered an outbreak when?

Name 2 challenges to food safety
What are the big six pathogens? Which are bacterial & which are viral?
Shigella spp.
Name 2 chemical contaminants & 2 physical contaminants
What are the 5 risk factors for foodborne illness?
What are 4 ways that food becomes unsafe?
Name 3 common symptoms of foodborne illness?
What do bacteria need to grow?
ServSafe Review
What are the 3 categories of food contamination?
Salmonella typhi
Non-typhoidal salmonella
Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli
Hepatitis A
purchasing food from unsafe sources
failing to cook food correctly
holding food at incorrect temps
using contaminated equipment
practicing poor personal hygiene
time/temp abuse
poor personal hygiene
poor cleaning & sanitizing
Name 5 TCS foods
What is the temp danger zone?
What foods are linked with salmonella typhi?
What prevention measures can be taken with Shigella?
What is the source of E. coli?
What is the big danger with Norovirus?
What do parasites require to live?
Name 3 symptoms of biological toxins?
Where/how should chemicals be stored in the operation?
What are the steps to responding to a foodborne-illness outbreak?
gather info
notify authorities
segregate product
document information
identify staff
cooperate w/ authorities
review procedures
What are some common symptoms of food allergies?
How can you prevent issues w/ food allergies?
What are the 5 steps to handwashing?
wet hands & arms
apply soap
Name 3 occasions where a food handler must wash their hands
How must wounds on the hands or wrists be covered?
When should single-use gloves be worn?
When should single-use gloves be changed?
Name 3 occasions that a food handler must be excluded from the operation
What are 2 things you should never do with single-use gloves?
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