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Digital Video Basics- Mrs. Johnson

nearly impossible to describe..

Richie McAlister

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Digital Video Basics- Mrs. Johnson

Digital Video Basics WELCOME HOME Mrs. Johnson's TENNIS Extreme Wide Shot Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body MODELOS PASARELA CLASE TRABAJA CON
TENNIS Buscamos personas emprendedoras, con talento y vision hacia
el servicio. -modelaje
- servicio al cliente
- estudio de mercado ¡MAQUILLAJE!

No hay look completo sin un maquillaje apropiado. MUY PRONTO!!
Tendremos una nueva linea, dedicada totalmente a la estetica y al maquillaje, que complemente tu estilo y refleje tu belleza. ASESORIA DE IMAGEN Tennis es una compañia promotora de la moda y el estilo personal. - fabricante de textiles

-agencia de modelaje

-marca reconocida http://www.tennis.com.co/es/tiendas Three Wide Shots The key with these daily questions will be explaining Not why one answer is right... Terminology Step One: The Shot All video is made up of shots. Like individual photos are to an album, shots are put together to form a video. From pressing to Framing c Composition & -The frame is the picture you see in the viewfinder. -While composition refers to everything in that picture frame. -Shots are linked together through editing to tell a larger story. Transition Example Framing, Composition Transition & Zoom -In-and-out camera movement Pan -Side-to-side camera movement Tilt -Up-and-down camera movement Shot Plan -Ask yourself exactly what you want to convey to the audience through each shot. Capture in a way your audience will understand Iris White Balance Shutter - comes from still photography. -the "door" between the camera lens and film - adjusting the colors to look natural - the opening that lets light into the camera EWS Types of Shots VWS WS Very Wide Shot Wide Shot Mid Shot The Medium Close UP The Close Up Shot Some Rules of Framing Look for horizontal and vertical lines in the frame. The Rule of Thirds "Headroom" "Looking Room" "Leading Room" -Area that is strategically left open. Thank You We Hope This Helps
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