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Gaby, Lost and Found

No description

Samantha Price

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Gaby, Lost and Found

Gaby, Lost and Found
Gaby, Lost and Found
By: Angela Cervantes
Gaby is a twelve year old girl who volunteers in an animal shelter. Gaby makes signs to help get the animals adopted to a good family.
One day Gaby's mom gets deported back to Honduras. Gaby is left with her dad, who barely works and never pays attention to her. Gaby is feeling all alone.
One day at the shelter Gaby falls in love with a cat named Feather. Feather was dropped off at a rest stop by her owners because they didn't want her. Gaby hopes that when her mom comes home she can adopt Feather and they can all be a family.
One day Feather's owners come to the shelter to claim their lost cat, but Dr. V said they have to wait until the paperwork is clear and they would have to come back the next day to pick her up. That night when the animal shelter was closed, Gaby took Feather out of her cage and took her home. She could not let these mean people who left Feather once take her back. The only problem is that Gaby's father does not like cats, so she hides Feather in the basement.
One morning Gaby talks with her mother on the phone. Gaby tells her mom all about Feather. Her mom is working hard to try to get enough money so she can pay a man, called a coyote, to smuggle her back into the United States. On the journey back to America, the coyote steals her mother's money and leaves her stranded in Guatemala. Now the only choice is for her mother to go back to Honduras with her family.
Dad finally gets a good job, but it is 300 miles away, and Gaby would have to move. Gaby is sad to leave her school, friends, and Feather. After a long discussion with her father it is agreed that Gaby can stay with her best friend Alma's family. Now Gaby can legally adopt Feather and live happily until she can be with her mother again.
Gaby is a twelve year old girl, who loves animals, works in a local animal shelter, and adopts a cat named Feather to keep her from feeling alone. Gaby had to overcome the deportation of her mother and find happiness with her new life.
A playful, loving cat that is left on the side of the road by his owners and ends up in a shelter. Eventually he gets adopted by Gaby.
Samantha Price
Plot continued
Came to the United States fourteen years ago, but gets deported back to Honduras. She is working very hard to get enough money to be smuggled back into the United States, but gets robbed on her trip back. Now with no money or guide to get over the border, she has to go back to Honduras. She does not know when she will ever get back home with Gaby.
Friendship: The love and friendship Gaby had with Feather. Feather made Gaby feel as if someone needed and loved her.
Strength: Gaby had to be strong emotionally. First to lose her mother, and second to be raised with her dad, who she doesn't have a good relationship with. She finds a way to be happy and feel not so alone by working at the shelter.
Angela Cervantes: Angela is a poet, a story teller, and an animal lover.
Gaby Lost and Found
is her first middle grade novel. Angela is working on her second book.
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