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gender roles

nature vs nurture

Astrid Hessling

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of gender roles

What are Gender roles? Nature vs. Nurture What do you think? Are gender roles based on scientific facts or just prejudices?
Do we actually need gender roles? Does a gender role, really, accurately reflect a person's nature? Nature vs. Nurture Nature vs. Nurture Here’s a map of Europe, color-coded by gender equality. The blue countries are, according to the WEF data, more accessible societies for women than is the United States, with darker blue signifying better scores. The red countries are less friendly societies for women, with darker red signifying worse scores. Scandinavian countries haven't been included in this chart. Their scores are so high that it would make it to difficult to portray the U.S.’s relative gains against the rest of Western Europe. But what’s also striking about this is the relatively poor gender equality in two of Western Europe’s largest economies and more liberal societies: France and Italy. Gender Stereotypes Gender Identity Sexual orientation sex Do Gender roles have anything to do with these three aspects of a person? ? Or is it simply sociological Gender EQUALITY...... Sexism ...... inequality* But what about "Hen"? Isn't "Hen", the gender neutral pronoun, going to make things equal? There is a biological aspect of a person... There is the psychological identity of a person There is the sexual preference of a person Nature vs. Nurture The Sociological Aspect Intersex
Male The Social Roles of Men and Women. Nurture vs. Nature Nature vs. Nurture So, Examining Gender Roles; What should they be defined as? Are they Sociological or are they Biological? Is It Nature Or Nurture? ? ? ? ? Gender Roles Femininity and masculinity Is this due to culture and Religion possibly? ... about the women of the Tuareg? Did you Know...
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