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Milk Processing

No description

emma bryant

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Milk Processing

Milk Processing
Flow Chart Process
Collection and Reception: Collecting and testing milk to see if its good or extremely tainted.
Pre- pasteurization: Rid any blood from milk
Tank Storage: Stored until pasteurization
Standardization: Test fat content of milk
Pasteurization: Destroy nutrients and enzymes
Homogenization: Decrease cream line formation
Re-storage: Stored until packing
Packing: Pack milk in containers
Cold store: Refrigerate milk after being in heat
Quality test: Factory officials test/grade milk
Importance of Keeping Cool
-> You should keep milk cool before and after processing for health reasons such as:

-> Bacteria grows and multiplies rapidly in warm places

-> Should be kept at 45*F (4*C)

**Must not be allowed to warm up after it has cooled**
Milk Facts
American dairy farmers produced 156.6 billion pounds of milk in 1997.
There are 500 milk plants in America alone.
60% of milk brought into plants are dumped out due to slight contamination.
Milk undergoes six inspections before and after pasteurization.
Raw milk is considered the healthiest type of milk.
By Emma Bryant and Savannah Lewis
One of the most important steps in milk processing where natural enzymes are destroyed from milk and artificial ones are added. Artificial nutrients double shelf life, however isn't as vitamin rich as unpasteurized milk.
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