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SHM Presentation Yum! brands

No description

stephanie dekker

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of SHM Presentation Yum! brands

"The Way Forward" Table of content Current Situation
Goals & Objectives
Strategic capabilities & resources
Functional-level strategies
New Position Goals Expansion in India Improve water-supply for Yum! Restaurants in India Creating more brand awareness and increasing sales in India Objectives Expanding in India by opening 500 new restaurants by the end of 2017 Improve water supply by 2015 for Yum! brands in New Delhi, India Increase brand awareness with 15% by the end of 2014 Strategy Current Situation India Why? Investing in water supply in India to increase brand awareness Strategic Capabilities & Resources Ability to expand Yum! restaurants around the world Why? How? Consequences Negative Positive Strategy implementation plan Yum!'s new position Questions? What do we need? Support the implementation Indian Fast-food market growth Growth GDP rate Many Inhabitants How to manage? What will change? Capable to create brand awareness with charity/local help in creating water supply Key capabilities Key Resource Capital New Goals New Objectives Current Goals, Objectives & Strategy New Strategy Ability to be the first entering a market New capability Business model No full control Profit not clearly indicated Brand awareness Contributing Development Loyalty Image Risks Finance According to the 7-S model Poverty rate decreases Dependence Creating Jobs Water supply NPV 'Product/service awareness leads to preference and preference leads to loyal customers and increased market share' But Example Coca-Cola 70 million investment
40% return brand awareness Investment $35,000,000
Return 20% 15% Current Ratio 0.9
Solvency 1.27 Financing ‘There is a direct correlation between brand awareness and brand preference. The higher the brand recognition, the higher the percentage on repeat sales’ Quote
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