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MHS Photo Gallery

No description

Kristin Wagoner

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of MHS Photo Gallery

Who is the musician?
Dan Lakly David High Chris Cannon
Who is ready to open presents?
Andrea Lakly Jane Edwards Casey Kreitner
Who is smiling for the camera?
Lori Decker Annette Hunt Judy Callaway
Who received a kitty for Christmas?
Krystin Glover Susan Walton
Shelly Dowse
MHS Photo Gallery
Can you guess who they are?

And the answer is ...
Who is this bundle of joy?
Zoila Curtis Lauren Bozone
Maria Wells
And the answer is...
Who is the brown-eyed cutie?
Wendy Mabon Meredith Bragg Katie Turner
Wendy Mabon
Who gets excited over holiday cheer?
Allen Beall Whitt Jones Darren Delfosse
Hope Huey
Chris Cannon
Who is this cowgirl cutie?
Laura Chaffin Laurette Edenfield Hope Huey
Andrea Lakly
And the answer is....
And the answer is ...
Susan Walton
And the answer is ...
Allen Beall
And the answer is ...
Lori Decker
And the answer is ...
Who makes the most of measuring?
Carmen Yarbrough Anastacia Murray Ashley McAfee
Anastacia Murray
Who screams go tigers?
Gwen Thibadeau Mary Sitler
Michelle Hemendinger
And the answer is ...
Michelle Hemendinger
And the answer is ...
Lauren Bozone
And the answer is ...
And the answer is ...
Brooke Lloyd
Who is always helping others?
Brenda Hayek LeeAnn Belknap Carisa Green
Carisa Green
And the answer is ...
And the answer is ...
Ashley McAfee
And the answer is ...
Amanda Barnett
And the answer is ...
Kevin Keough
And the answer is ...
Theresa Togneri
And the answer is ...
Grace Cannon
And the answer is ...
Carlie Anderson
And the answer is ...
Greg Mason
Mia Kendrick
And the answer is ...
And the answer is ...
Sarah Knight
And the answer is ...
Donna Owen
Linda Koroma
And the answer is ...
And the answer is ...
Nancy Huntley
Jennifer Kelley
And the answer is...
Connie Bryant
And the answer is ...
And the answer is ...
Patricia Buckner
Arthur Walton

And the answer is ...
Who is the only one happy to be there?
Kevin Keough Lee Belknap Jim Hagberg
Who holds the pretty flower?
Allison Faubel Theresa Togneri Kristin Wagoner
Who wears many hats?
Kelly McMahon Grace Cannon Colleen Wyatt
Who's smiling with Santa?
Julie Bigler Cindy Neeley Carlie Anderson
Who's the little outlaw?
Greg Mason Bunky Colvin Mark Kienast
Who makes the most of 3 letters?
Ela Dineen Mae-Lee Terrell Mia Kendrick
Who caught a star (fish)?
Mary Bertram Booke Lloyd Maureen Ciccone
Who has a cheery disposition?
Olivia Hanie Suzanne Hyer Ashley McAfee
Who dressed in her holiday outfit?
Amanda Barnett Jennifer Miller Marilyn Bullock
Who is this curious and cute baby?
Sara Knight Samantha Castagna Maggie Walls
Whose voice rises above the rest?
Lynne Bruschetti Shery Kearney Patricia Buckner
Who travels to the beat of a different drummer?
David Bobkowski Arthur Walton Ken Buswell
Who do students come to when they're in a pickle?
Nancy Huntley Julie Bigler Janice Smith
Who can lead a team to success?
Stephanie Sisk Linda Koroma Teresa Husted
Who always has a smile on her face?
Lauri Hogan Jennifer Kelley Pat Carman
Who grew up to be good with words?
Janet Hansen Donna Owen Karen Davis
Who knows the root to a solid foundation?
Connie Bryant Rhoda Barge Arlene Law
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