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Victorian Program Team Girls Rock Presentation 2013

Girl Guides Victoria's Program team event and initiatives launch for 2013.

Sam Knight

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Victorian Program Team Girls Rock Presentation 2013

A day for interested girls, leaders and parents to learn more about the awards that can be achieved through the Australian Guide Program – including JBP, BP and Queen’s Guide Awards, as well as Compass and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Our Events Victorian Program Team
Vision for Events August Action Girls Rock 2013 2 Region Revels re·gion rev·els [ree-juhn rev-uhlz] - noun
A collection of Guides coming together for a day of noisy festivities Jamborella 5-17 year olds In regions throughout the year a strong set of annual State events with reputations of great quality. Leaders, girls and parents to recognise the names of our base events and want to come along because they or someone they know have been previously and spoken about what a fabulous time they had 1 Leaders to be able to speak with confidence to girls and parents about what happens at that event and how it works. because although the theme and activities change, the template for a great event has been created, tested, evaluated and built on. 3 Events to be easier to organise and we want to use our volunteer time wisely because we have a standard format for events and processes in place to make the organisation more efficient and consistent. providing support, opportunities and resources to ensure Guides in Victoria experience
the best the Australian Guide Program
has to offer Our Aims 4 New people come on board to event committees feeling confident and supported because they have experienced smooth running events where they had a great time, felt useful and not stressed, and the organising team have worked seamlessly. Introducing our events... Activities Annual 4 day indoor camp for Guides aged 5-9, including on and off site activities all designed with the creativity, magic and imagination needed by girls this age Jamboree Snoozerella Snoozefest Shindig State Activity Days Award Information Day Leadership Training PL & PS Training 7 day outdoor camp for Guides aged 10-17, including on and off site activities designed to focus on outdoor skills, adventure and the Patrol System. RAM Race Around
Melbourne State
Thinking Day Other Indoor sleepover for Guides aged 5-9 designed to introduce girls to the concept of fundraising for others using a sponsorship component Exciting high profile indoor venue to be announced in Term 3! An outdoor sleepover for Guides aged 9-17 designed to inspire girls to enjoy fundraising for those who need it using a sponsorship component, while having fun sleeping over at a high profile venue. Weekend camp for Guides aged 14-17 and Olaves to come together and celebrate the end of the year with their choice of adventurous,
not-so-adventurous and water activities. On a three year rotation, these days will be a chance for girls of all ages to come together and have fun with
new friends. Leadership skills days aimed at Guides aged 7-9 to help them explore the idea of leadership and qualities of a great leader. Leadership skills days aimed at Guides 9-14 who are, or are interested in becoming a Patrol Leader or Patrol Second offering leadership skills and a better understanding of the Patrol System. Junior Leaders' Weekend A weekend for Junior Leaders from across the state to come together with other like minded young women to learn more about Junior Leading and get practical skills to assist them in their role. Introducing August Action – Girl Guides Victoria’s annual fundraising challenge for Guides of all ages. Why? Plan Decide Do August Action Workbook Discover Evaluate are exciting and varied
offer fun with Guiding friends
challenge girls to take risks and try new things
cover all the fundamentals of Guiding
develop memories that last a lifetime "together we can save children's lives"
"every mother's life & health is precious" World Thinking Day 2013 Service is a fundamental part of the Australian Guide Program.

Girl Guides Victoria is committed to increasing the service that we give across the State. August Action will also assist girls to develop skills in planning and carrying out a project in a team through a structured program. Where does the money go? 50% to a Central Charity
50% chosen by each Unit Term 2 August (Term 3) Mid October End 2013 End Term 1 Unit 50% of fundraising to be spent and/ or sent to chosen charity/ charities. Central Charity 50% of fundraising due at JPC. August Action Pack released Girls plan their fundraiser and decide how their 50% will be used. Girls run their fundraiser.
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