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Unferth's Challenge

No description

Shayne Taylor

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Unferth's Challenge

Unferth's Challenge
By: Shayne Taylor, Tyus Wood, Cameron Norris

Ecglaf's Son
Bonstan's Son

Southern Norway
Lines 236 - 239
Unferth is mad that someone else acquired glory and fame greater than his own.
Lines 240 - 260
Unferth thinks that Beowulf is ashamed of taking part in the swimming race, because he didn't win to Brecca.
Lines 261 - 269
Beowulf concedes that the swimming match was a foolish act of youth.
Lines 274 - 276
Although Beowulf was the faster swimming, he was concerned with protecting his lesser opponent.
Lines 323 - 334
Beowulf says Unferth and the danes are weak and unable to defeat themselves against Grendel.
Lines 364 - 369
Beowulf is determined to defeat Grendel; Beowulf is confident in his abilities as a warrior.
Summary of Unferth's Challenge
Unferth tries to make Beowulf feel like a loser, although he was the faster swimmer, he lost to Brecca. Beowulf expresses his confidence as a warrior, because he refused to leave Brecca behind to protect him. Beowulf's feast is ended and his men take the place of Hrothgar's followers and lie down to sleep in Herot. Beowulf is looking forward to meeting his enemy.
The End
Thank you for your attention. We encourage you to ask questions.
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