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Mind Map Magic

Infographic on the magic of using Mind Maps

Peter Smith

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Mind Map Magic

Mind Mapping Magic Why Mind Maps Time is Short Everyone's on Info Overload AND A Picture is worth a thousand words So Do You... Need to remember
lots of stuff Solve Problems? Plan for Things Or get Visual with your Ideas Or... Or... So.....
What is a Mind Map It's a Magic Machine 100 Billion Neurons all trying
to make sense of the world So... how do you do it Start in the centre
of your page, with your an image of the topic; three words to an idea Uses images, symbols, codes and dimensions
throughout your mind map Use colours
- your own code -
throughout the mind map Use lines to connect your thougts;
radiate out in heirarchy of ideas Make it your own I Freeking Did It
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