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Copy of Otzi: The Iceman (Timeline)

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David Chappuis

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Otzi: The Iceman (Timeline)

His Life
His Discovery & Excavation
His Death
Why does this matter now?
Age: 45
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 110lbs
He was probably born near the present day Feldthurns,
an Italian village.Tests have shown that he would have been very active, and he was possibly a cattle owner, or village representative.
Otzi was found near Hauslabjoch in the Otzal Alps. He was discovered on September 19, 1991 by Helmut and Erika Simon. Since the body was assumed the be the body of a fallen hiker, they were trying to free it, and not trying to protect or preserve it. Otzi's bow was used to try to pry him free. When that didn't work, they tried to pull him out by pulling on his clothes. A small jpneumatic drill was also used, which drilled a hole in Otzi's hip. Finally, an ice pick was used to extract the Iceman.
After completing the genome of the iceman, scientists can look for modern-day relatives and study how diseases, like cancer or diabetes, have changed since the neolithic age when Otzi lived.
By studying Otzi and the posessions that he was found with, scientists can see how people in Otzi's time lived.
To date, Otzi is the oldest mummy that has ever been found preserved by freezing.
The Iceman
There are a number of theories about Otzi's death that are viewed as possibilities, but no one knows how he died for sure. Most people agree that he was killed, but there is no way to tell why. Because he was so well preserved, he is assumed to have been covered in snow shortly after his death.
what he my have looked like:
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