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About Prezi: PD

Get an introduction to what Prezi can do and how easy it is to use.

Christine Petrie

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of About Prezi: PD

How it used to be... Using Prezi! Giving presentations to your class... ...using overhead projectors... ...or PowerPoint presentations... colored markers, burned out bulbs,
slide after slide, burned out students... linear presentations for a non-linear thinking audience! you're bored with it and your students know it! now your kids are bored with it, and they aren't afraid to let YOU know it! There must be a better way! What if... What if you took all that information and created only one slide with the freedom to move around and explore? What if it was really smart? And I mean
human-smart? ...if for no other reason than to see what's coming next! It's easy to do! Free Teacher Sign-up! Prezi offers teachers more access for free! Result? Interested students! More interactive presentations! Less static Thanks to
Mathias Verraes for providing this template
http://nooku.org using a format that engages your students... Quick Learn Tutorials From basic to expert in minutes! Create
a Prezi! Click on "Create New Prezi"
Give Prezi a title
Select a format
Click create
Open your new Prezi!
See how! Meet the Zebra! Play with Prezi! Prezi.com Something new! Web 2.0 Education! What is the end... Thank you for your time and attention! Please email me with questions: mpetrie@hcps.us The Zebra is a tool that allows you to:
Drag your objects
Increase or decrease the size of objects
Rotate your objects
Edit the view of your objects Now go have some fun!
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