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College Bound: Time Management & Study Skills

No description

Joe Hartsoe

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of College Bound: Time Management & Study Skills

College Bound 2013 Reach For the Clouds: Time Management and Study Skills Introduction Joe Hartsoe
Graduate Assistant
University of Central Arkansas
2013 Intern
College Bound Arkansas Organization
Strategy Time Management Time is One of the Most Precious Assets to a College Student Study Skills What has been found to be the leading factor in being successful in higher education? Treat College Like a Job What happens when you use time poorly on the job or in school? Time Dedicated to Academic Success
(Time Spent on Studying) Schedule-at-a-glance (under front cover)
Daily planner - front of binder

In each section, organize the following:
Class assignment log
Course syllabus
List of people in class
All notes and handouts
Completed assignments
Loose-leaf paper

Pencil pouch
Three-hole-punch The Working Binder Suppose $480 is deposited in your bank account every day for no reason and you can spend it how you like. But, you have to spend all the money your receive every morning before 11:59pm each day. What do you do with the $480 everyday?

How do you decide how to spend the money? Planning Just Do It!
Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail!!!!!!
Break Up Your Planning
Academic Year
Don't Give Up!
Things Will Go Wrong
Plans Will Change
Find a System that Works For You Time Matrix Planning Just Do It!
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
Break Up the Planning
Academic Year
Find the System that Works for you.
It Takes 21 Days to Start a Habit, Keep Going!
Your plan will get messed up!
Make it a habit to plan each day at the same time Planning Methods Major Planning Systems
Paper Planner
Electronic Electronic
Google Calendar
Apple Calendar
iPhone/Android Apps Paper Planner
Franklin Covey
Wire Bound Planners Google Calendar Apple Calendar iPhone/Android Planning Apps Invest in Planning
Buying "Lite" Apps Brings Limitations

Make Sure You Have the Right App!
Are you going to look at it everyday?
Can it send alerts (Alarms or Push Notifications) when events are approaching?

Beware! Most Apps don't interface with other systems. 2:1 Ratio For Every Credit Hour of Class, You Should Spend 2 Hours A Week Studying for Class 3 Credit Hour Class =
6 Hours of Studying for that Class Each Week 3 x 2 = 6 The Power of
Concentration Times of concentration and focus are called your "Power Time". There is an 'A' Time, 'B' Time, and 'C' Time. Everybody's Power times are different as we focus and concentrate differently! "A" Power Time This is when you are most concentrated and able to accomplish tasks. Tasks to Accomplish:
Completing Difficult Assignments
Studying New Topics
Writing "B" Power Time This is when you are concentrated and able to accomplish tasks but you're energy and motivation is not as high. Tasks to Accomplish:
Reading Assignments
Complete Less Challenging Assignments "C" Power Time This is when you have the least concentration. You are able to accomplish tasks but your energy and motivation is minimal. Tasks to Accomplish:
Review Notes/Lecture Material
Answer Emails/Phone Calls
Plan for the Next Day Research shows that 60 minutes of study during the day is equivalent to 90 minutes of study during the night. (Pauk, Walter. How to Study in College, Second Edition.1989, p. 45) 1. List all Materials Needed to Study for the Exam
Chapters, Notes, Study Guides, Quizzes, Homework

2. Divide the Material into 4 Groups/Chunks

3. Study One Group/Chunk for at Least 2 Hours Each Day

4. Use the 5th Day as a Review

5. Write the Study Plan in Your Planner 5 Day Study Plan 7 Study Tips for College Students 1. Go To Class
2. Manage Your Time
3. Study and Homework Groups
4. Don't Immerse Yourself
5. Alternate Study Spaces
6. Make Flash Cards
7. Sleep!!! Most Importantly! Utilize Campus Resources!!! Most Campuses Provide:
Academic Tutoring
Study Group Coordination
Time Management Workshops/Resources
Academic Success Seminars Thank You!! Please feel free to find me during College Bound if you have any questions or want to talk more about time management and/or study skills. Organization Strategies
Participants will explore a commonly used method to organizing course material

Time Management Skills/Strategies
Discuss the two major methods of Time Management
Start to Explore the Time Matrix and analyze where our time goes

Study Skills/Strategies
Cover common tips and suggestions for successful and productive studying
Explore the Power of Concentration system of prioritizing tasks Presentation Overview
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