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Stereotyping Youth

Teenager's are generalized every day before they have the chance to disprove the stereotypes about their age group.

Nick Perry

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Stereotyping Youth

Teens Hate Authority Teens Run Away From Home Teens are Immature Teens are Disrespectful to Elders Teens are Hormonal Teens are Apathetic Teens are Violent Teens Hate Their Families Teens are Drug Users 52% of teens do not like kids that disrespect law and authority. 64% think that kids who disrespect their teachers are what's wrong with the world. Teens are shoplifters 86% of teenagers have never stolen anything above five dollars 69% do not believe in drugs for recreational use 85% of teenagers do not carry a knife or weapon. 78% of teenagers respect their elders. 75% of teenagers are happy with their families 78% of teens have never planned on or tried running away Majority of teens want a job with responsibility and accountability for their actions. Most Teenagers believe they have to have a career in mind by 17 years old Teens are wild because of their surplus of hormones and a lack of control functions in the brain. Teenagers do not have fully developed brains until the age of 25 Teens go through major structural and developmental changes in their teen years. "My Road to the Future" Andrew C. Wolfforth "Many American teenagers are well-informed, intelligent citizens, and it's inappropriate to describe us as immoderate and out of control." " Characterizing teen behavior as 'exasperating' simply reflects stale stereotypes that harm the reputation of an entire age group." "It is inadequate to dismiss adolescent angst as the result of structural changes in the physiology of the brain." Age Discrimination and Stereotypes by Nick Perry
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